By Ana Margarita Olar │

Stress is a normal part of our daily life. A few stressors are present every day to push us, inspire us, and give us a reason to keep going. Sometimes, it is our way of responding to stressors that is the main cause of our anxiety. Here are some small things that you can do to fight stress.

List and categorize your stressors.

If you feel worried or anxious, try to write down what makes you feel that way. Do this on a daily basis in order for you to identify whether it is really the stressor or your behavior towards the stressor that’s causing your trouble.

You can also categorize the stressors on your list. Was it really alarming? Is it manageable? Is it negotiable? Analyzing your stressors can help you to prioritize discern which problem that you can solve alone, and which problem can you solve with a friend. It is way much better than storing all the stressors within you and have a bad outburst.

List down your present coping mechanisms.

How do you respond when faced with a stressor? Positively?  Negatively?  Hysterically? Some people have learned to respond productively  but unfortunately, some try to fight stress in ways that only worsen the situation.

Have some physical activities every day.

Exercise helps you re-channel negative energy. Focus on your body sensations as you move and get rid of those stressful thoughts.

Find some time to relax and have some fun.

Relaxing is not quitting, having some fun in the midst of trouble is not craziness. It is an excellent way to refresh yourself so that you’ll have a refreshed mind to fight stress away.

Try positive self-talk.

Talking to yourself may sound crazy but it might work. Motivate yourself, encourage yourself. Tell yourself that you will be able to conquer and control your own stressors.

Extend a helping hand.

Helping someone in trouble creates a positive vibe inside us that will make us inspired to face our own troubles.

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Engage socially- smile and laugh.

Problems are everywhere and we need not punish ourselves locking in our room and thinking about them. Go out; talk to your significant others: friend, parent, and siblings, anyone that can confide with. Also laughing with others in the midst of stress can help maintain a positive attitude and it will make you look good and feel good despite life’s problems.

Adapt to the stressor and accept the things that you cannot change.

There are certain situations that it may seem impossible to fight stress. Loss of a loved one or something valuable, being fired at work, and broken relationships. These are some of our “spilled milk”. And there is no sense in grieving over and over again. We have to adapt and move on because the fact that something is broken or lost cannot be changed.

Slow down.

You have to plan ahead of time so that you can give your utmost attention to important tasks that need to be done.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many people today fight stress by punishing their health: smoking, not sleeping, drinking alcohol, relying on drugs, binge eating, and etc. these actions don’t solve the problem, they just worsen the situation. So take care of your body, choose nutritious foods, have enough rest and exercise. These actions refresh your mind and body, to help you deal with stressors in your life.