By Ana Margarita Olar │ Executivechronicles.com


Here are the habits that are keeping you unproductive:

Procrastinating and piling up your workload.

Constant re-scheduling of tasks will put you unnecessary self-torture. This habit is very unproductive because the more you delay your activities, there is a possibility that everything will pile up and then you’ll find yourself rushing down for the deadline. As the saying goes: haste makes waste.

Meddling with other people’s issues.

The habit of gossiping, engaging in small talks, and constant urge to tell everyone about somebody else’s lives only wastes your precious time and energy and yields an empty feeling within one’s self.

Being the boss’ “pet”.

In Filipino, we call this habit as being “sip-sip”. Instead of finishing a task, some people have developed an unproductive habit of playing as boss’ pet. They waste their time pleasing, praising, and catering to the boss’ needs in an attempt to gain a favor such as a promotion or higher salary.

Having zero goals or setting too many goals at a time.

You feel that you are tired and exhausted, but you have achieved nothing. Maybe, you don’t have a clear goal. Or for some people, they try to finish multiple goals at time same time and ends up feeling stressed without achieving anything for that day.

 Trying to be perfect and not admitting mistakes.

While it is good to aim to be the best and have the best outcome, things don’t go as perfectly just like we planned. Be ready for the changes, and recognize your own mistake so that you can address it at once. Being blind of your own shortcomings hinders you from a precious lesson in life: learning from your own mistake.


Starting a task but unable to finish it.

A lot of people fall for this kind of habit because they have no clear goals in life. Often times, they just copy what other people do and seems inspired at first. But because they lack the reason or motivation, they fail to finish the task and ends up unproductive.

Engaging in an unhealthy lifestyle.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, spending too much time on the computer or television, skipping meals, eating non-nutritious foods and many others. These habits does not only aggravate the feeling of laziness, but also detrimental to health.


Gambling robs everything out of a person’s life: money, time, energy, healthy relationships, and self-respect.

Being negative and hysterical when faced with stressors.

Stressors, whether predictable or not are inevitable. When we are  negativistic and simple situations sends us to a panic, we are not addressing the problem. Hysteria drains our energy which could have been used to solve the situation.

Always addressing the problem with “temporary” solutions.

When you fail to answer the root cause of your problem, it will be harder to solve it in the long run when the situations become more complicated. Face your problem as early as possible while it is still manageable.

Always fidgeting while doing the task.

Allowing yourself to be distracted causes you to mindlessly do things that are not aimed towards finishing your task. Train yourself to stay focused and avoid distractions.

Admitting that you possess some of these habits is a powerful step in improving your personality. Taking an action to unlearn these habits is a challenge that you must deal with in order to become a successful and productive person.