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It’s entrepreneurs’ dream to be recognized and reputable in their field. They are hoping that whatever their hard work today will be their small or big achievements tomorrow.  Anyhow, even a simple compliment can boost one’s confidence and energy to strive harder.  Unfortunately, most of the time is you can’t enjoy compliment without experiencing criticism. In fact, even those accomplished individuals experiencing annoying comments. So, how to handle the complaints, comments and opinions about you and your business?  Read on…

  1. Find reliable and motivational mentors that can give you advice

Having few but solid mentors and guides in your journey downsizes your unwanted detours and contemplations.  It’s superb move to just select few than many because too many advices is also not healthy. Just select people you can count on when you have questions or you feel you are down.  True mentors are not only there to give you words of wisdom, but also serve as your support system to bounce back with right mindset.

  1. Calm and analyze what your critics really mean.

The natural instinct of human is to react according to what he initially understands.  In business it’s a no-no to become impulsive in almost all areas because one not so good reaction can produce strings of negative feedback. So instead of answering your critic at once, try to relax first and see where he’s coming from.  Sometimes you just don’t get his good intention because of annoying delivery of words.

Another note also to consider is you may get the wrong interpretation, which normally happens in reading emails and text messages. If you think something is not correct clarify to sender the issue in pleasant and diplomatic way.

3. You don’t need to know everything, get dependable filters.

There are people who have strong stamina in criticism and they can recognize, which comments or complaints that are mere burst of emotion. Get one or more staff that can filter negative messages for you.  It also one of the reasons why managers and owners get secretaries so it’s easier to figure out and focus on much relevant issues that matter to them.

Though criticism is hurtful, it also helpful in checking your job as entrepreneur and keep you grounded.   You can’t self-analyze yourself all the time and it’s easy to reason out against your shortcomings. Nevertheless, too much acceptance of criticism can overwhelm you that may drive you to question your capability as leader or individual.