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Do you think you can’t be an entrepreneur because you’re not into sales? When it comes to look it is easy to distinguish who are certified businessmen and artists. But don’t be tricked by their outside fashion sense as more and more artists nowadays are also into business. They might not as good as others in doing business strategies or massive campaigns and yet they thrive simply because they’re arts and personalities are what make their brands more appealing.

If you don’t notice, arts play huge role to make products more appealing, distinguishable and saleable in the market.  Take for example the school notebooks, they are all for note taking purposes and yet, those fast selling ones have creative elements. It’s also same with other businesses as customers don’t actually look after the brand name, but also in something unique and one-of-a-kind.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Combine your arts and pop business concept.  Despite of various business concepts and stiff competitions, food enterprises are still one of the profitable ones. A lot of local singing artists seem playing up with that idea as they establish their own bars, where they can offer food and their brand of music.   Multi-awarded Folk music icon Freddie Aguilar and Jazz legend Richard Merk are among the examples of this concept.

Be a Likeable Artist-businessman on social media.  Not all artists are keen on establishing solid or physical stores. However they still doing business by accepting consultations or customized orders.   In fact, most of them market or receive orders only from social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want inspiration, check the hand-painted items of Heart Evangelista and Xian Lim.

Find a business partner who believes in your artistry. Business is hard even for those already in this field, what more for an artist like you who just starting to like it. So instead of taking a long cut of studying entrepreneurship 101, why find a partner or people who can do business with you.  Perhaps, their knowledge and your creativity are powerful elements to establish a successful company.  Furthermore, you can concentrate in your passion while building your company.