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Absolutely both employers and employees have goals to fulfill like sales quota or be the best in their field.   There are also some career-oriented  who are willing to expand their horizons by staying late in the office, joining out affairs with their bosses, and avoiding weekend escapades. But why is that despite of the personal sacrifices for career, it seems success in work is hard to achieve.

While there are obvious behaviors that holding back a person to perform well in the office, there are also normal acts that actually serve as stumbling blocks.

Not Showing You Are Coping Up

Every day may look like regular, but not all days are the same. Sometimes you feel stressed out because of the challenges you need to face.  Though you can pretend that you’re cool with pressures, don’t push yourself that you are totally okay. According to Success Magazine, hiding real feelings drain your energy and people around you may think you are not being true to them.

Not Working Smart

People think overtime is synonymous to hard work or extra pay.  The thing is when you always put your precious time on only one area, you’ll  throwaway chances to do what you love to do, to create sweet moments with people around you or discover other opportunities.

Though there are instances you need to overtime, don’t overdo it. Find ways to stick with your normal working hour and in the end you are in control of your life.

 Going Out With the Wrong People

Of course we don’t like to judge people, but we need to assess if working with them affects our work. Perhaps now you don’t realize it, but you may become you don’t want to be in the end because you let wrong people to influence you.

Being selective doesn’t mean you are anti-social. In fact that’s the one of the things you should avoid, being anti-social.  You just have to know people that let you feel positive, motivated, and happy at work.

Too Much Sharing of Information

It is easy to keep secrets with your colleague if you have deep friendly relationship with them already.  Furthermore, regular chatting with co-workers ease stress or boredom which actually helpful. The act of bonding is not bad, but the information you may giving away might affect your progress at work. How?  You may give details in your job contract like salary increase.

“You have to be careful,” career expert Dan Schawbel, author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success “shared on Women’s Health.”You shouldn’t talk about your sexual encounters or things that would be very private between you and your girlfriend or boyfriend.”

“You can talk about vacations you’re taking with them or how you met them, but don’t go too far outside of those topics.”

“Keeping relationship professional” though in truth you are not fond with your officemates is also a problem according to Success. It’s better to have bonding moment with co-workers to ease emotional relationship. On the other side, bosses who implement lots of rules to manage their employees are sending messages that they have trust issues.  But if they let them do the right thing on their own, Success shared they become cooperative, conscientious and confident.