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With the advent of video tutorials on Youtube and webinars,   the market for educational seminars possibly become lesser. However, despite of traffic jams and hectic work schedules, career-oriented professionals are geared to enrich their knowledge by attending seminars, even if that means to sacrifice their fees for a luxurious dinner date or weekend escapade. The big question is why you have to follow them?

  • Attending Seminars is feeding your aspiration or passion –   Talking to strangers in a business or money management seminars is not bad – it’s socialization.  Possibly, this is where you meet people who will not judge your background and instead understand your aspirations.  Being with them will boost your confidence to pursue your dreams because they can relate to you passion. What’s more interesting if you find new friends or connections among your co-attendees.
  • (Credit: Pixabay)
    (Credit: Pixabay)

    It expands your network – Another thing about meeting new sensible people is it also means expanding your network. Your co-attendees are very good addition for your support group to widen you reach and the same time, make you stay in the loop of your field.  Furthermore, it’s better to populate your social media accounts or contacts with level-headed enablers than chummy naysayers.

  • Learn from motivational speakers and experts – Arguably, the difference between classroom teachers and seminar speakers is the latter have first-hand experiences with their topics. Their talks are not only based from someone else’s principles, but from years of years mastering their crafts. This is also why some speakers become motivational because they’re trainings are humanized or look doable.
  • You get refreshing and valuable insights – To think out-of-the-box, it’s ideal to get out of your four-corner bed room too. In seminars you may confined with people who are willing to exchange their ideas that are helpful for your business or career. In fact there are times; you get odd tips that applicable for your present and future plans. Human interaction gives relevant insights what’s trending in your locals than reading books with alien concepts written by foreign authors.

 Attending seminars may eat your time and part of your budget, but nevertheless they offer different perks aside from priceless educational experiences.  Perhaps a summit or conference can be a life changing moment for you.