Principles of Logo Design 2020-Trade Travel Journal

TradeTravelJournal|5 Key Principles of Logo Design|In 2018, John started a perfume line, he had a brilliantly sketched out business plan, invested heavily in infrastructure and developing quality products, which he believed would create his identity, yet two years later in 2020, he had to close the lid on his business due to unprecedented loss. Most start-up entrepreneurship’s close down within five years of inception, even the most accurately drafted ideas.

Let us now understand why john’s brilliant idea performed so abysmally. Highly accredited management experts agree that john’s failure had more to do brand invisibility than with the actual product. Because they did not have the power of Logo, yes you heard right, at present Logos design is everywhere, on products, on billboard signs, on social media pages and on online shopping sites. When interacting with a product the first thing that appears before us is the Logo. As such making it as beautiful and unique as possible will help your company to get noticed, remain relevant and create a thriving relationship with your customers.

Still unsure of the power of Logo, think close and think hard, “Chanel, Dior, La mar” are old industry players that need no introduction, but as an entrepreneur’s wonders how and why, we have discovered they’re secret and would share it with you. The secrets lie in their carefully crafted logo design that we consumers have come to associate with the credibility of their products. Surely all their products are not immaculate, neither all of those are of the same standard, but they sell because their brand sells, and enthusiastic buyers across the globe associate their brand trustworthiness with their logo. This is a relationship that you can build with your unique custom made logo that will tell your story to your customer. They have immortalised their brand in a logo design and you can also be one of them if you follow the following key principles:

Be creative 

Be creative and unconventional in your designs, research extensively, determine your values and incorporate them in your logo. In 1925, Coco Chanel designed a Logo that would go on to change the course of the fashion world forever. The Chanel Logo, comprising of two opposite “C’s on a grayscale background is a definition of a well-designed logo. Simple and minimal, the design which is actually the initials of the curator exudes artful mastery over the craft and associates aristocratic femininity with the label that the brand is known for.

An essential tip when designing an artful logo is to do ample research on the customer profile before deciding upon the platter. For instance, if you are marketing toys for kids, your logo design should reflect that playful innocence and colourful palette that will definitely attract children’s attention. Preferably, the logo should also be in simple bold letters that can be easily read by school-going children.

Be original

If you are the one who believes in a spritz of this and a dash of that to get their work done, then trust us it’s high time you changed your ways. Logos are an integral signature element of a brands identity and as such successful companies would go as far as binding their element with legal protection. Under such circumstances copying, even minor elements can land you in serious legal hot waters, ouch, one that can not only burn your fingers but ruin your credibility in the market. As such investing in a professionally designed unique Logo design is the best option for any entrepreneurship. 

Be inspirational 

Inspire as you show should be your motto when setting logo design. The design should represent your thoughts on your products, it should be unique, and it should not only appeal to the consumers but also entice and inspire them. When one looks at the LG logo, one sees a happy smiling winking face, which is in line with the motto of the company, which is “Life’s Good”. Your logo design should also be in line with your entrepreneurship vision that would urge people to look at your product and think. 

Be Scalable:

The Logo design will represent your company in the products you offer, in the marketing campaign, in your business cards and in every other place. It will act on your behalf and   As such, your logo should be designed in a way that it can be compressed on a pen nib or can be enlarged on a billboard.

Be Immortal:  

Yes, be immortal, all the above values should be accounted for to make the Logo design immortal. One that is to remain attached to the brand forever. A good example in this regard is the “Coca- Cola” logo that was designed in 1886 and remained unchanged since then. Your logo should be distinctively invaluable one that should be inspired by your values and reflect your brand heritage. Refrain from following trends when designing logos since trends keep on transiently changing over time and hence one that is in trend right now would possibly become obsolete in a short span and hence would require you to change your logo design frequently which is not a preferable thing and might even confuse your customers.