Mel Gibson on Braveheart

by Ana Margarita Olar, |

Here’s a list of movies that can give life lessons and inspirations to managers of all level:

1. The Last Castle

The Last Castle is an American action drama film, a story of a US Army General. The Amazon described the film as: “His service to his country made him a hero. One mistake made him a prisoner. For General Eugene Irwin (Redford), it’s just a matter of serving out his sentence – until he makes the shocking discovery that his fellow inmates are being murdered.”

Why watch it? The movie portrays strong leadership skill. It expresses how great level of influence can touch people and inspire them to unite and fight.

2. Braveheart

The story is about a Scottish rebel in the name of William Wallace. He leads an up rise against the cruel English ruler. When he was young, he saw his father and other men died to set the Scotland free. He fought for the freedom of his country.



Why watch it? If you want to awaken the greatness in you; fighting against what seems to be impossible, watch this movie. It will definitely inspire managers to hold on a goal until they reach it.

3. Enron: Smartest Guys in the Room

The documentary shows the fall of Enron Corporation. The company was involved in different illegal activities that eventually resulted into deep bankruptcy. The film examined and filmed the collapse of the million dollar corporation. It caused scandals and criminal trials of the top executives.
Why watch it? As managers and company leaders, you also wanted to have a warning on the things that can happen if you choose to deal with engagements that deviates from what is right. It serves as a reminder on how important it is to protect one’s integrity.

4. Trading Places

If you want a light-hearted, laughter-loaded film, Trading Places is a perfect weekend movie. You might think that comedy film is not intended for managers; but, the values and lessons from this movie are invaluable.

Why watch it? The movie is useful for managers who usually do decisions that can have a great impact for the company. The movie also inspires people to have some time to think on what is really important for them. The movie is a must watched for managers who also wanted to succeed and climb a higher ladder.

5. It’s A Wonderful Life.

Though it is considered as a classic Christmas movie, the film also brings personal improvement for managers and corporate leaders. “It’s a wonderful life” stars Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey. George is a man who feels that he has no purpose in life. This is not until he met an angel named Clarence, who taught him that life is a gift.

Why watch it? If you are in a chaotic decision on whether to hire an unqualified family member into an important company position; this movie will make you think once more. The movie also offers insights on how to become a better leader and a manager as well.