By: Ana Margarita Olar |

Does the sound “business conference” bore you out? Does business travel make you exhausted? Here are some ways on you to switch your business travel from boring to fantastic:

  1. Research, plan, and ask around.

Before you travel, do a little research about the place as if you are going on a vacation. And since you are there for business, you probably wouldn’t have much time for sightseeing.  But through your research, you might find some activities or amenities you can enjoy near the place where you are staying. Or, you can ask the locals and find some interesting place.

  1. Get up and get going.

Yes, business travel is exhausting and you are there for work in the first place. But keep in mind that if you want to have fun and be energized, you must put an effort to it. Instead of going back to the hotel for a nap, grab the opportunity to see the sights that the city has to offer. Keep your mind off from the business just for a little while and travel (1)

  1. Arrive early and leave as late as possible.

Business travel becomes a boring and tiring when you are always in a hurry. Plan to arrive earlier so that you can still have time to look around for interesting places nearby. And then after the business meeting, schedule your trip back home a little late so that you can have time to relax and have a breather before heading back home.

  1. Be simple with your wardrobe.

Another thing that adds pain to business trips is having too many things with you. Plan your wardrobe before you go. Make sure that your clothes are comfortable and simple. The trip itself is tiring enough and you need not punish yourself by carrying too much baggage that you don’t need. Avoid bringing in too many gadgets. The thought of having one of them being snatched or robbed add up to your stress. Just bring a tablet for business purposes and a phone for communication and as a camera when you go sightseeing.

  1. Walk around.

There can’t be “so little time” when it comes to having fun. After the meeting, spend some time walking around the place. It’s an all in one activity. You burn some calories, relieve stress while enjoying the view, meet some locals, and discover some interesting place that offers fun activities.

Business travels can be a boring and tiresome journey if you let it that way. But, put a little enthusiasm and energy and it can turn into a fun, relaxing, and refreshing adventure.