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TradeTravelJournal|7 essential tips for traveling with kids|Traveling with kids is not an easy task. Many couples who began as wayfarers stop touring after having children. But with little planning and saving, you could explore the world along with small kids. You cannot go for unexpected adventures. At the same time, things do not always go as planned. So, you get to experience the elements of thrill differently. One thing you have to make sure is to have something specifically for kids like going to a theme park or sand play at the beach. Below are the seven must-follow guidelines for making travel fun and comfortable for children.

1. Slow down your travel:

When you have kids, they must get enough rest while traveling. You should not be in a hurry to visit all the tourist spots of a place. You should have a lot of free time while waiting for a plane or a train. Getting snacks, exploring the airport, etc. can become a source of entertainment for kids. It can be educative too. Rushing through things makes kids uneasy, and they start throwing tantrums. You should not have more than two activities planned for a day. Children take time to be comfortable in a new place. Therefore, do not intend to visit a museum, a theatre show, and a bike ride on the seafront on the same day.
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2. Make safety a priority:

As we travel to new places, we get to experience new cultures, cuisines, and the environment. It is natural for us to be excited. But do not neglect the essential precautions like keeping your passports and travel documents safe, having healthy and hygienic food, etc. Though kids like to move around freely, you have to keep an eye on them. You might often go for rental cars or bikes to avoid the hassle of finding transport means, especially when you have children. But before hopping into the car or driving the motorcycle, you need to check various parameters. You have to ensure that the tires are well-inflated, test the control system, turn the headlights and signals on, try the wipers, and check the fluid levels. The vehicle engine should have a proper protection system, such as a Suzuki sv650 oil control guard.

3. Choose homestays over hotel rooms:

Hotel rooms could be monotonous. There is a bed, television, and washroom. Though you get to have food of your choice, it is never the same as a home-cooked meal. Your kids might have to share the swimming pool or the play area with many other kids. It might not go well with those who require at least a little bit of privacy. So, homestays or house sitting is a better option. It is like a home away from home. For half of the day, you could go ahead with sight-seeing. The other half could be spent at the rental apartment, and it makes children feel comfortable. You can cook your food, do the laundry, and get to interact with the locals. They are also a lot cheaper when compared to hotel rooms. It is particularly essential when you have kids who are fussy with outside food.

4. Plan and book in advance:

You should plan your travel well in advance. Book flights, do thorough research and find suitable accommodation. You could even book taxis in advance. You should go for a flexible plan for the whole vacation as it becomes difficult to try something new on the go when you have kids. You could hire campers rather than hopping on and off different vehicles. It would be best if you choose a safe and comfortable accommodation that is close to the shops. You should also have a rough idea about the kind of food the place offers and introduce them to kids before the journey. Similarly, try to have ready-solutions for entertaining the children and taking care of them when they get sick.
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5. Keep kids happy:

Small kids may not appreciate all that which adults prefer. For example, extended museum visits, hopping from one church to another, might make it boring for them. Similarly, hiking trips could be too taxing for them. Children of different age groups have different needs and expectations. So, you should have an age-dependent travel itinerary. Nature walks, zoos, and theme parks are suitable for kids of all age groups. It is better not to change their daily routines. So, having meals at the scheduled time and regular activities such as reading storybooks at night should continue as usual. Kids also need plenty of playtime too. So, do not squeeze in a lot of sight-seeing on a single day.

6. Pack smart and light:

Do not carry too much luggage. Have just enough clothes, and depending on the climate, you can even get them washed and repeat also. So, always choose an accommodation place with laundry facilities. When kids are young, you might need special food and snacks too. But, always try to go to restaurants that offer a child-friendly menu. Do not let children bring all their games and toys. For babies, just one comfort item would do. Young children could have small watercolors or a crayon box. You should always have the first aid kit and a few essential medicines, in case the children fall sick. Try to have small quantities and non-liquid versions of the medication. Please have insurance for your travel.

7. Pick a suitable destination:

The destination that you choose has to be as per the tastes and preferences of your children. Though toddlers and preschoolers do not have their own choices when it comes to traveling, school-going children do tend to come up with their holiday plans. They also discuss the same with their friends. So, get to know about their wishes. But do consider your travel budget.
Image Source Travel is a way to teach patience and compromise to your children. It can be very informative and educative too. They learn to adjust and could better tolerate cultural differences. So, do not put off the travel plans because of kids.