A Basic Guide on the Best Time to Visit the Florida Keys

A Basic Guide on the Best Time to Visit the Florida Keys | Did you know the Florida Keys is made up of 800 different keys? They cover a total of 800 miles distance.

The Florida Keys are rebounded for their beautiful sights and fun attractions. Are you looking for the best time to visit the Florida Keys? Keep reading, and hopefully, we can help answer your question.

Best Time to Visit the Florida Keys By Season

When most people go away on holiday, they will want to have great weather for their trip. However, some of us may not mind bad weather.

The Florida keys aren’t like most destinations. It has two key seasons, rain and dry. Depending on which half of the year you visit will depend on what conditions you will find.

Raining Seasons

Due to its tropical climate, the Florida Keys can have some serious rainy days. The main spells of rain tend to fall between May and November. You may be lucky to find a rare dry spell during these times tho.

Yes, these months tend to include summer. The temperature will still hit around 90ºF, so be prepared for humid conditions.

Dry Seasons

The other half of the year tends to see dry conditions. Because of this, these months are the most popular for tourists visiting the Florida Keys.

Most places in the northern hemisphere are cold during this time. It is winter in most areas, after all. But, the Florida keys will hit a low of around 75ºF.

The dry seasons are perfect for holidays. But be warned when planning a vacation during this time. The prices will rise during these months due to this popularity.

Best Time to Visit the Florida Keys By Activities

The range of activities available to you will depend on which season you choose to visit. Yet, some activities are open all year round.


Fishing is an all-year-round activity you may wish to look into. You don’t need to get wet, as you can hire boats with a cover. But you will find that certain types of fish will come out at different times of the year.

Boat Parties

The sunny season sees a fleet of Key West party boats available to you and yours. These can range from your all-out parties to your family-friendly style tours. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

One for the Beer Drinkers

If you do decide to go during the rainy season, go in either August or September. September finds Key West’s yearly Brewfest.

From August 29th to September 2nd, Key West is home to a vast collection of beer. These beers are from all around the world. Who says the rainy season can’t be fun?

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