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Baguio City is not only known for its various tourist spots. The City of Pines is also known for its numerous restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisine. Here are just some of the best places to eat in Baguio City.


  1. Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant is the only restaurant in Baguio City that serves pure Cordilleran dishes. Most of them are of the Ibaloi cuisine, making it one of the best places to eat in Baguio. With rustic and homey interiors, this place will give you the complete Cordilleran experience. The restaurant offers a variety of smoked meant aside from chicken. Pinuneg is the Ibaloi version of sausage made out of pig’s blood. Any Cordilleran meal will not be complete without Pinikpikan, a soup-based chicken dish but prepared in the traditional Cordilleran way. The chicken is beaten with a stick prior to cooking it. This is supposed to bring out the flavours of the chicken to make it more savoury. Farmer’s Daugther Restaurant is located along Long Long Road just beside the Tam-Awan Village.

  1. Good Taste Café & Restaurant

This is recognized as the best budget-friendly restaurant in Baguio. It is open 24 hours day, seven days a week. The food served is mostly Chinese cuisine but western pastries and assorted breads are also available. The restaurant is always full of hungry customers and because of this, the restaurant is known as the food factory. It is located along Carino Street.

  1. Baguio Craft Brewery

The owners started with homebrewing in a garage because of their passion for craft beer and a love of creating something extraordinarily delicious, out of basics natural ingredients. It opened in 2014 with the vision to cultivate a culture where people appreciate traditionally brewed and unique handcrafted beers with none of the additives, preservatives or adjuncts that beer drinkers have been accustomed to. The restaurant is a premium casual restaurant/pub with a passion for fresh local ingredients of the Cordillera, making it one of the best places to dine in. It is located at the RKC Building, Marcos Highway.

  1. Forest House

Forest House was born out of the owners’ desire to capture the very essence of Baguio City. The owners describe Forest House as “a Baguio restaurant that feels like a Baguio restaurant, a place to escape the harshness of reality and take time out for a breath of fresh air, a place where you can sit back and relax. Its fare includes Bagnet, an Ilocano pork dish, steaks, salads, pasta, a wide variety of pastries and coffee. Forest House is located in Camp John Hay.

  1. Le Chef at The Manor

Known to be one of Baguio City’s premier upper-class hotels, The Manor is distinguished by its impressive log cabin set up and warm cozy interiors that harmonizes with its peaceful sprawling gardens. It is the home of one of the best places to eat in Baguio City, the famous Le Chef Restaurant. It features one of the best breakfast buffet spreads, with a wide array of sumptuous selections of Filipino and international dishes. It is located inside Camp John Hay.

  1. Mario’s Restaurant

This restaurant is an institution in Baguio City and is a must visit a restaurant. First established in 1971, Mario’s is named one half of the lovely couple that put up this gem in Baguio, Mario and Nenuca Benitez. Located along Session Road, it is literally one of the first restaurants you will set your eyes on upon entering Baguio City. It is a short drive away from Burnham Park, and most of the city’s destinations like Camp John Hay, the Museo Cordillera, Baguio Country Club). Mario’s is known for its Spanish recipes and Mario’s Caesar Salad. Other favorites include Steak Bernaise, Mario’s Broil, Valenciana.

  1. Hamada

Located inside Baguio Country Club, Hamada is the best place in Baguio City to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine that is specially prepared by their Japanese chef. The highlight of your Hamada dining experience is the teppanyaki type of service, where the chefs cook their meals in front of guests. Another highlight s the acrobatica cooking demo in front of the guests.

  1. Chef

If you are looking for Middle-Eastern flavours in Baguio, try heading over to Chef Restaurant located at Guevarra St. corner Rimando Road. With a halal menu, enjoy their Hummus and Mutabal Dips for starters then segue to their Massalah or Curry dishes for your main course. Their Special Shawarma chicken and vegetable bits wrapped in pita bread is also a great choice especially for people on the go. Located in Aurora Hill.


These are just some of the restaurants that you can visit while in Baguio City. Do take the time to explore the other restaurants in the City of Pines.