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Carigos, an online platform that connects businesses to logistics service providers, was started in 2017 to address the pains faced by importers and exporters in working with the fragmented freight and cargo industry. Carigos now provides a comprehensive and cost-competitive one-stop solution for all businesses, especially start-ups and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that have limited knowledge on shipping, freight or logistics, and / or who just want to focus on their core business and have a trusted partner to handle their logistics fulfilment.

Carigos is a fourth-party logistics service provider which works with partners in freight forwarding, warehousing and last-mile fulfilment, etc., to provide an end to end solution to their clients. The logistics industry is highly fragmented and faces a myriad of import, export, and customs regulations across different jurisdictions. It can be tough and resource-intensive for businesses to handle logistics and fulfilment without prior knowledge in supply chain, especially for smaller and newly formed ones.

As part of Carigos’ mission to simplify logistics, Carigos offer a one-stop solution via their online platform,, providing businesses a supply chain solution that will optimize costs and efficiency. Carigos takes over the hassle of seeking out multiple logistics service providers for the best value and dealing with various supply chain parties that include cross border freight, warehousing and last mile delivery.

As a startup, Carigos recognizes that they are part of a wider ecosystem of startups, SMEs, and service providers. Logistics services is an important part of the ecosystem, but nonetheless, only one dimension of it. To grow the ecosystem and allow SMEs and startups to connect with other companies who could potentially accelerate their business growth, Carigos launched the Carigos X-Change talk series that has been purposefully designed to connect and inspire through the sharing of successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders’  personal stories, experiences and insights.

The inaugural Carigos X-Change talk was hosted on 4 September 2019, at The Grid @ Spectrum. It fielded well-known entrepreneurs and technopreneurs who have shared candidly about their personal entrepreneurial journeys:

  • Keynote address by Teo Ser Luck, Singapore Member of Parliament and entrepreneur
  • “Startup to Unicorn” by Soong Chuan Sheng, General Manager of Klook
  • “Phoenix Reborn” by Willis Wee and Maria Li, CEO & Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Tech In Asia respectively
  • “Changing The Game” by Rachel Lim, Co-Founder of Love Bonito and Nick Nash, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Asia Partners

The event was attended by more than 80 guests and partners, many of whom are founders, entrepreneurs, SME owners, and potential new business owners. The event was well-received by many participants as they appreciated the candid stories and insights shared by the speakers, staying back long after the event to engage with them. Carigos will be posting videos and photographs of the talk on their website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

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