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By MJ Gonzales │

Besides the fact that you work on graveyard shifts or have problem in sleeping, it’s your choice if you like to stay a night owl or not. Though there’s certain advantages in being alive when the moon is up, there are  also great perks also in being a morning person which according to experts are more productive and healthier.

Sleep Doctor Michael J. Breus, PhD shared on Huffington Post that it’s important that the public get to know what works for their “disposition toward sleep.” Breaus cited studies that showed that sleeping at night don’t always have a negative impact and there are factors why a person becomes a night owl like genetic variation.

brewing problem  of late sleepers“The choices we make about our sleep environments and sleep habits can also make a significant difference. A recent study showed that limiting nighttime exposure to artificial light and increasing exposure to daytime sunlight can shift sleep-wake cycles earlier — even for night owls. Strong sleep habits — being careful about alcohol consumption close to bedtime, sticking to regular sleep and wake times, making sure your bedroom is dark and electronic-gadget free — can help reinforce your sleep schedule, even if it doesn’t align perfectly with your natural tendencies,” the sleep doctor advised.

Meantime, he also shared the research conducted by Scientists at Germany’s Aachen University which found out that night owls show great potential in achieving more in their career and finances. However, they are also prone to depression, eating more, consuming unhealthy food, chain smoking, and drink more alcohol.

In addition to studies about Night Owls, Dr. Peter Jonason, a psychologist at the University of Western Sydney, and his team stated in their book “Personality and Individual Differences” that those who stay up late  show tendency to have darker traits.   In their Dark triad test for 263 students, it revealed students who admitted as night owls have high score in desiring to get special treatment and control others. They also show inclination to Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy.

“In short, those high on the Dark Triad traits, like many other predators such as lions, African hunting dogs and scorpions, are creatures of the night,” Dr. Jonason shared.

For individuals who like to be transformed from night owls to early birds, one of the major suggestions is to stay away from all electronic gadgets including TV and mobile phone several minutes before you go to bed. In the report of Entrepreneur, you should also avoid tempting distractions that affect your work flow liker checking emails, chatting and even answering phone calls.   The report added that top executives rethink their wake up time and do their relevant work first among their loads.