Europe’s Must-See National Parks

Europe’s Must-See National Parks – Infographic | The Covid-19 pandemic has largely prevented people in their masses from leisure travel. While some people continue to vacation, across the world there are restrictions in place preventing people from not just leaving their own country but even from leaving their own area. Some countries have increased sanctions for those flouting the laws with the implementation of hefty fines and even court appearance. Where those restrictions don’t exist or when they weren’t in place, travel for leisure was and is socially unacceptable and people are unwilling to be frowned upon by friends and family by doing so. We have seen a lot of publicity also in the UK where social media influencers are chastised for travel to countries like U.A.E. and displaying it all over their social media profiles.

So at present, it’s definitely difficult for people to travel far from their homes if they want to stay within the realms of the law and be socially accepted. That is not to say that they can’t reminisce over their past adventures though and many people are finding solace in creating photobook memories of their travels or gallery walls that display their trips abroad over the years. Furthermore, people have taken to planning (but not necessarily booking and paying) for their next foray abroad. People do have hope for future travel and this planning is possible due to the welcome existence and roll-out worldwide of the various vaccinations.

Planning a trip abroad can actually become a lot of the fun of the vacation. Firstly you need to research and actually choose the destination – this in itself can bring you around the globe …in a book or online. Choosing the destination might start on social media for example, you might see someone posting images or videos from a location that sparks your interest. Then you look further into that place and it almost becomes natural for that location to stay on your radar until you get to actually physically visit it.

Natural parks are a wonderful place to add to your destination list because they bring so much layered aspects to the trip. Natural beauty cannot be replicated and while looking through social media images and video leaves you in awe, nothing beats actually visiting the location and breathing in the air. Natural parks thankfully exist all over the world and present travellers with so many options in terms of activities. Some travellers like to build them into a greater trip so for example, a natural park visit as part of a greater road trip can be a hugely immersive experience while still allowing the traveller to also experience a nearby city or series of towns. Natural parks present excellent opportunities for different activities from kayaking, bird-watching, cycling, hiking and so much more so they’re absolutely perfect for every vacation seeker. Those who seek adventure to those who seek more serene, meditative locations.

Choosing the natural park to visit is not an easy feat as there are so many scattered all over the globe. Many are free to encounter and that naturally is appealing to budget travellers and those with large families to entertain. Research will also show you that there can be cost saving schemes set out by natural park operators so it’s important to look into that before you travel in order to avail of the deals. Wildlife varies of course and it’s important too to be aware of your surroundings. Natural parks are known for their excellent signage but also their knowledgeable staff so be sure to ask questions and inform yourself before setting off on any big adventure. These parks are also wonderful because they allow the traveller to enjoy them at their own pace; not everyone will want to do a day’s hike so one can simply use a natural park to enjoy a picnic!

It’s difficult to know what makes a natural park a must-see because everyone has different tastes, everyone has different goals. Some natural parks may present an experienced hiker with a new challenge so that makes that particular natural park a must-see for them but everyone’s tastes and goals are different. Some might just want to see a waterfall in order to make a cool post on their Instagram or to use it as a backdrop for their next Tiktok!

This infographic from Crowe Sawmills  below outlines all you need to know about some of Europe’s National Parks that should be on your travel bucket list. The infographic breaks down these recommended destinations into those that are suited for intrepid and experienced explorers and those who perhaps hiking/discovering national parks is a new hobby. Check out all the details below and get your notebook out to mark those must-see national parks that tick all of your boxes!