azerbaijan tea

Azerbaijan is a perfect destination for those, who are tired of visiting the conventional tourist spots in the world. Though not lesser known, Azerbaijan is all set to offer you a different kind of tourism experience. Amazing historical significance, great hospitality from local people and ample of places to explore are the few major things which make the place worth to be visited. If you are planning for Baku Azerbaijan holidays, you need to learn a few things about this country. In the following section, a few useful tips are provided for the tourists who want to visit this beautiful country.

Azerbaijan will never cease to amaze as well as amuse the tourists. A lot of fascinating facts are there to be known. In the following section, a few of those facts have been highlighted. Hopefully, the travelers would find the data to be useful for concluding a wonderful trip to this beautiful country.

The Land of Fire

Azerbaijan has been termed as the land of fire. It is noted that fire invention has been considered as the most notable invention of human civilization. With this significant invention, wheels of technology and science started rolling. Though it is difficult to say that when as well as where it was first invented, many people or historians believe that Azerbaijan is the place where fire was first introduced. The Azikh Cave is considered as the place where our ancestors had invested fire. Well, there are a lot of controversies regarding this fact. However, one thing is certain and that is the cave has been considered as top notch place for the tourists. This is the largest cave of Azerbaijan. It is worth to pay a visit to this place.

Growing Tourist Destination

Due to its excellent historic background and fascinating heritage, Azerbaijan is considered as one of the most notable places for tourism. But, the country has shown exceptional recent growth in tourism and hospitality sector. It has wonderful facilities to offer to tourists. It is poised with high class as well as budget friendly hotels. The place also offers safety and warm hospitality of local people is another major attraction of the place. It is not difficult to find Azerbaijan luxury hotels. Plenty of luxury hotels are there, featuring exceptionally comfortable accommodation for the tourists.

Land of Folklores

Since Azerbaijan is known as a place that offers glimpses of golden historic past and unique cultural heritage, people can come across a lot of folklores and stories at this place. Knowing these folklores will be an excellent thing. These stories are basically mixtures of facts and imaginations. These interesting stories make the place even more special and enjoyable for the tourists.

Nation of Tea Drinkers

If you are tea lover, Azerbaijan is definitely the place for you, as it has been considered as the nation of the tea drinkers. Tea has been savored in different styles. Herbs and spices are added to the tea to enhance flavor and aroma.

Overall, Azerbaijan is the place which you must visit if you are seeking a different kind of tourism experience altogether.