glenfiddich | The ultimate marriage of legacy with modern flair, Filipina Fashion Stylist & Entrepreneur Bea Constantino launched an exclusive display fashion collection in collaboration with global whisky brand, Glenfiddich. The culmination of a three-month collaboration, the Glenfiddich New Dawn Philippines Collection pays homage to Bea’s heritage and is inspired by the history of the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky brand.

This is not the first time Bea has embarked on an endeavour to champion local heritage. She launched Herman & Co. in 2016, a fashion brand that incorporates products, textiles and artisanal goods from her community in Mindanao and other indigenous communities. The brand speaks volumes about Bea’s commitment to spotlighting the best of Filipino heritage.

About the Collaboration

Bea’s efforts in elevating local culture and modernising traditional craft, especially amid the rise of globalisation, is a nod to Glenfiddich’s aim to celebrate trailblazers who dare to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of culture.

Prior to realising the Glenfiddich New Dawn Philippines Collection, Bea visited the Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown, Scotland, where she came away inspired by the similarities between her own heritage business and the family-run Glenfiddich business. Both have a deep grounding in heritage yet are driven by an impetus to innovate traditional things in new ways.

About the Collection

Bea’s collection infuses elements of The Philippines’ indigenous heritage as well as learning takeaways from her time in Scotland. The collection encompasses the following:

  • Bomber Jacket – As the signature item of Herman & Co. and a must-have in the collection, the bomber jacket blends together the traditional weaves and textiles from the Yakan community, as well as the Scottish tartan.
  • Leather Belt Bag – This modern bag borrows the traditional Pis siyabit weave from the Tausug community, and its shape is inspired by the Scottish sporran.

 Kilt Skirt – This unique kilt skirt fuses the weaves from the Yakan community and the plaid patterns of the Scottish kilt. 

  • Signet Ring – The weave design on the signet ring is inspired by the traditional Tausug textile called a Pis Siyabit, which used to be worn as a head scarf or as a waist adornment – a sign of the Tausug’s courage and nobility.

Lovers of Glenfiddich & Bea’s style can stand a chance to win one of five limited edition Bomber Jackets from Bea’s collection, via a social media contest. To enter, simply log on to the Glenfiddich Facebook page ( and follow the contest rules. The competition will run from October 31 October to 10 November 2019, with winners announced via Facebook on 13 November 2013.