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Regardless of whether you travel for work, school or fun, passing the time while in transport can be rather difficult. Instead of just staring blankly out the window or dozing off even though you may not be that tired, it’s always possible to make the most out of your free time. There are many productive activities that you can do while on the train, bus or plane, so why not enjoy them? Not sure what you can actually do while travelling? Well, keep on reading to find out.

Color the stress away

A truly amazing pastime activity for travelling is undoubtedly coloring. You can easily get yourself an adult coloring book. There are just so many amazing and unique options available these days. And the best thing about coloring is the fact that it effectively reduces stress and anxiety. After all, the creative freedom you get is always a great mood booster. Don’t worry if you don’t like the idea of bringing the actual book and pencils with you. You can still get the same calming effect with some of the many amazing coloring book apps you can install on your phone.

Take the time to meditate

You may find this particular pastime activity a bit strange for travels, but be honest with yourself – do you actually take the time to meditate at all? Even if you’re not that into exploring the endless possibilities of meditation, meditating just for a while every day can effectively help you reduce stress, calm yourself down and strive for mindfulness. So, instead of going over your schedule and other responsibilities countless times inside your head, relax and take a deep breath. Focus on your breathing and let the thoughts disappear for a while. You will feel much better and refreshed once you get into the habit of meditating, especially if you tend to spend long hours commuting via bus or train every day.

Grab a book

Reading is always a great pastime, regardless of where you are. Just like other activities on this list, reading can affect your psyche positively. Not to mention that this is definitely a go-to way for anyone to have fun, as you have all the freedom to choose the kind of book that you’d absolutely love. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to read when in a vehicle, which is why audiobooks can be the ideal solution. Just make sure to get yourself a top-quality pair of Shure SE846 headphones or similar, so that you can fully enjoy the experience. The same goes for listening to music if you want to completely tune out other noises.

Journaling to the rescue

Journaling is also one of those activities that can help you fight away stress and get to know yourself a bit more. You don’t need to fill several pages of your diary while travelling, but writing down your thoughts can be very calming and rewarding. Have you ever found yourself thinking about abstract yet soul-fulfilling things that somehow mean the world to you as you wait to arrive to your destination? If you have, you most definitely should take the opportunity to write these things down. It’s moments like these that you speak the most to yourself so don’t hesitate to make these messages permanent.

Enjoy a brain game

If you want to give your mind a good exercise, solving crosswords, Sudoku and other brain games can be a very effective and stimulating pastime for long travels. Just like with the coloring book, you don’t actually have to bring the print with you (unless you can and want to) as there are plenty of apps for these kinds of games readily available as well.

There’s really no reason for you to feel like you’re wasting time in transport or making yourself more stressed by spending this time thinking about all the things that pressure you. Getting a moment just for yourself is already rather difficult in this busy age so don’t hesitate to use the opportunity of travelling to actually enjoy yourself.