by Kyla Camille |

One does not have to be an expert in planning in order to realize the importance of it. It can be really daunting, but you do not want to get to your holiday destination and find out that you forgot something important. What to do? Where to start and where to end? The planning process will be less overwhelming and much easier if you break it, step by step. Here is what you should pay attention to.

Pick A Destination

Picking a destination gives you a clear, definite goal, and sets something for you to work towards. Do not talk vaguely about travel. Saying that you are going to Prague, and not to Europe, makes it easier to commit to.

Trip Length & Costs

You cannot not know how much money you will need, unless you decide on your trip length. The longer you plan to stay, the more money you need to save up. Only after you know where you are going and how long you will stay there, can you calculate the costs more precisely. Do your own research on the costs of your holiday destination. Do you want to backpack, stay in a room, a condo, or in a luxury hotel? What about short trips, excursions, attractions, restaurants, and nightlife? Collect info about everything you can, so you can estimate the amount of money needed more easily.

Last-Minute Offers & Early Bird Reservations

When tourist guides and travel companies miss to sell all holiday packages, they usually give discounts up to 70% off, in order to fill in the tour. Maybe you are saving to go to Berlin, but before you make the bookings, check for some last-minute offers. Perhaps there is a 50% off deal for Amsterdam. Amsterdam or Berlin? It is a difficult choice, but both promise a good time. Early bird reservations mean booking the trip and accommodation months before you set off to it. With agencies like Travel Pay, which specialize in early bird reservations, you can pay out your holiday in several installments, choose your own interest free paying option, and lock in the exchange rate.

Book Flight & Accommodation

You can find cheap flight fares on websites like Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Vayama.Get an overview of all the flight fares around your set off date, see what is all included, and find yourself and good and cheap flight ticket. Book your flight months in advance. Hostelworld and Hotwireprovide valuable info about the best rates for accommodation. If you are not going to be traveling long-term, then book accommodation for the trip’s duration. Otherwise, book only the first few days. Do not wait and risk of losing some of your top picks. On Couchsurfing, you can find people willing to host you on your trip.

Travel Insurance

It includes medical protection, but also covers cancelled flights, camera breaks, or theft losses. Things happen unexpectedly, so you need a travel insurance on the road. Paying just a few dollars per day is not much, but can mean a lot when an issue pops out of nowhere.

Holiday Activities

Plan your daily excursions and recreational activities, see how much they cost, and make reservations if they are any good. You can also plan your activities independently, and save up to 50% if traveling by a city bus or train, and getting discounts on attractions’ entrances.

Enjoy It!

There is enough money saved, and your will for travel still stands strong. Your only duty is to have a great time. However, consider following these organization guidelines, prepare yourself the right way, so you will not have to think about unnecessary things while exploring new worlds.