How to earn a Sri Lanka business visa? travel-girl

How to earn a Sri Lanka business visa? | Sri Lanka visas can be of several types. It can be an employment visa, tourist visa, transit visa or business visa. The purpose to travel the country is necessary to be mentioned on the application form. Sri Lanka business visa is an important category of ETA. It offers immense facilitation to eth businessmen to expand their business. Moreover, it helps the employees to visit Sri Lanka for business purposes. 

Method to Earn Sri Lanka Visa

Sri Lanka ETA is not that challenging to obtain! The online application helps in speeding up the process and hence people can grab their visa quite quickly. The applicant can obtain a business visa for multiple, double or single entries as per their needs. The ETA processing fee for a business visa is USD 40.00. The processing of a business visa takes about 90 days. Hence, you must apply for it before the actual date of the meeting or business tour. So that you could obtain it timely for attending the business meeting.  Sri Lanka visa online demands the optimum internet speed. Hence, one can apply for the visa online and fill the Sri Lanka visa application quite smoothly.

Sri Lanka Business Visa Application

Sri Lanka visa application is the mandatory form that needs to be filled quite carefully. Go through all the contents and elements of the Sri Lanka visa online. Earn the Sri Lanka business visa in a few simple steps. Download the application form for the Sri Lanka business visa from the online portal or official website. Now, make a selection for the business purpose and mark it. Attach the supporting documents with the application form. The duly filled ETA application form is one of the mandatory elements for a Sri Lanka business visa.

Supporting Documents for ETA Visa Sri Lanka

A Sri Lanka business visa cannot be obtained until the main requirements of it are not fulfilled by the applicant. It demands the letter of invitation, return air ticket and two recent photographs of the applicant. The host company dispatches or mails the letter of invitation to the applicant. Hence, he has to attach this with the application form as a supporting document. Moreover, it is mandatory for availing of a Sri Lanka business visa that the applicant should have a valid passport. A passport with a validity of six months is necessary else the Sri Lanka business visa would not be granted to the applicant.

Payment for Sri Lanka Business Visa

ETA visa Sri Lanka demands a certain fee which the applicant has to pay at the time of application submission. The applicants can pay the fee online for which they get multiple options. They can pay through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard etc. The Department of Immigration and Emigration would analyze the application and accept or reject it. The acceptance or rejection is dependent upon the eligibility and fulfilment of requirements. After accomplishing all the steps click a button of Apply. The confirmation message would be sent to the applicant. Similarly, the evisa is also sent online via email.