Family Vacation

If you are a parent, family vacations are stressful experiences almost by default. There are simply too many parameters one has to consider at the same time, all the time, when they go on a vacation with their children. The safety of everyone involved is of paramount importance, but any lurking danger is also not reason enough not to embark on such journeys – after all, your children will be so much richer due to such experiences and you will get a chance to establish a better rapport with them. If you have a problem making head or tail of such a situation, here’s how to get organized for a family vacation.

Medical bag

When you are packing for a family vacation, a medical bag should be a top priority. Fill it with antihistamines, two different kinds of painkillers (one for adults and one for children) as well as some antibacterial spray, gauze and necessary ointments. This bag should always be kept on the top of all other things in the bag so it can be accessed easily. If there is enough room in the car, you should put at least one extra bag of medical goods in a car door compartment, in the case of emergency.

Don’t drag your household along

It’s easy to overpack when you have to think about the needs of your entire family. However, overpacking means more chaos and management, which naturally leads to more stress. In order to avoid this source of great anxiety, rely on the good ol’ tool known as the internet to look up the weather forecast for your destination, depending on the length of your vacation. A reliable forecast will cut your luggage by a fourth. Repack once more and consider every piece of laundry you have packed the first time and put it aside if you realize that you might not actually get to use it – that’s a third of the first-hand luggage.

Fun all the way

While you should definitely bring at least several phones and tablet devices along for the trip, you should encourage your children to socialize and have fun along with the rest of your family. Digital pastimes can be a good solution in some cases, but you might as well introduce board games when you arrive at your destination, and some sing-alongs during the trip. Keep the phones in the backpack and order a high-quality pioneer car audio setup from Strathfield car radios for a road trip filled with booming hits and fun sing-along sessions.

Let everyone breathe

Don’t let your parenting instincts overtake you – organize a vacation where everyone can have some necessary breathing space. It’s one of the key factors to improving your relationship with your children on vacation. For example, you should plan ahead to visit a landmark that has a restaurant and a playground where your kids can have fun after their meal and you and your partner can enjoy some alone time while the kids are not exactly out of your eyesight, yet they retain their “independence” while they play.

Have rewards ready

Kids tend to become unruly during the vacation, especially if a particular location excites them. This can be a source of great anxiety for parents. Thankfully, there is a solution for this too. If you want to “modify” your children’s behavior, have rewards ready. Prepare a “traveling package” of snacks which are reserved for the car and reward your kids for good behavior during the road trip there and back. Have another “destination package” ready for them and surprise them with sweet rewards whenever they behave properly. Also, most tourist traps are filled with vendors and your children are bound to have immediate cravings for ice cream and other enticing snacks. Make them promise you that they will behave properly and listen to your advice during the vacation and only then purchase them a snack.

If you are properly organized for a family vacation, it should be at least an exciting if not breezy experience. If both you and your partner are hard-working people with little free time on their hands, having such rare opportunities to “freshen up” relationships with your children is a treasure and it should be utilized to achieve the best possible result, full of positive emotions and fun activities.