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Image source: | How To Procure A Suitable Golf Travel Bag? | Procuring the most suitable golf travel bag is entirely dependent on your voyage, like where you are doing and what you have to do.

This is the primary concern while looking for an appropriate golf travel bag, and then there are also some secondary considerations that you have to look for while purchasing a golf travel bag. You are offered with multiple options while buying a golf travel bag, but make sure you are making the right and the best choice so far.

Which Golf Travel Bag Should You Choose?

You are offered with two options while buying a golf travel bag. You can either go for a hard case golf travel bag or the one with a soft case. When it comes to the hard case travel bags, know that these bags are constructed of hard plastic. What these bags offer is hard-core protection that can never compromise your iron clubs. Moreover, hard case bags are the heaviest ones too, and they do not possess any flexibility, which can be a problem for you while fitting in your golf clubs with extra accessories.

On the other hand, if it comes to the soft case golf travel bag, know that it is much lighter and offers flexibility to adjust your golf items within it. Soft case bags offer more storage space, but these are not very efficient when it comes to the protection of your iron clubs. And so, the damage to your clubs may be enormous with this bag.

Accessories Of Golf Travel Bags

If you are traveling with a soft case golf bag, then an essential accessory that you must look for is a golf stiff arm. This feature helps you much in the prevention of your iron clubs to not bend during travel. You can purchase it at a golf store, but it may also be possible to go for a broomstick or some similar products.

Steps Of Procuring A Suitable Golf Travel Bag

There are specific steps that must be followed if you are looking forward to purchasing an appropriate golf travel bag for yourself. So, let us move towards these guidelines.

Step- 1

Measure your current golf set, as this is the most crucial step to do before moving ahead. Know that the size of a suitable golf travel bag must not be very big or very small as the clubs will not fix it right. If your bag’s size is very big, there will be chances for the clubs to hit each other or shift against the side of the bag. So, this can end up damaging your golf set.

Step- 2

Determine whether you are traveling by air or not. If you are traveling by air, you should go for a bag that will be the most suitable for this task. For shipping your golf clubs like checked baggage, you need to go for a hard-sided bag as such kind of bags offers more protection to the iron clubs. But if you are planning to travel by road, you need a soft-sided bag as it will be appropriate for this task.

Step- 3

Considering the quality of the bag is a must thing to do. You can have multiple options of different quality for both hard-sided and soft-sided bags. When it comes to hard-sided bags, you can analyze its quality by comparing its thickness to other models. While purchasing soft-sided bags, you need to consider the gauge and strength of the fabric. Padding on the interior side of both kinds of bags is also a worth-considering thing. The thickest bags may price more, but these are the most durable ones.

Step- 4

Look for the extra accessories that you are looking for while buying a golf travel bag. Determine the way you are going to move this golf bag from one location to another. If you are not a bag carrying person, then wheels will be appreciated for your feasibility. If you think of taking it yourself, a bag may offer you multiple handles or padded shoulder straps. You can also have pockets in soft-sided bags and inside compartments in hard-sided bags, as per your choice, and these are significant features to look for.

Step- 5

Last but not least is the style of your golf travel bag. It is not a significant issue to look for, but you should go to a suitable golf travel bag style. These bags may come in different colors and styles, but you should buy the one that fits your personality best.

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Tips To Protect Your Golf Iron Clubs While Traveling

Even if you have a sturdy and robust golf travel bag, you can get into any incident of damaging your iron clubs. So, here are certain tips to prevent your clubs from damage.

  • If you are traveling with a soft case travel bag, make sure you are using a golf stiff arm.
  • It would be safe to use a headcover or a towel to wrap your golf iron clubs so that the clubhead will remain secure.
  • It will be good if you place your iron clubs upside down in your golf travel bag as it also minimizes the risk for clubs to get damaged.
  • Protecting your wood while traveling to another place can be useful in some cases to unscrew the heads and place them as wrapped in a towel.
  • While traveling, think if you really need to take all the clubs or not. If not, then do not take all, and there will be lesser chances for them to get broken.
  • Using smaller golf bags are most appreciated in comparison to tour bags or cart bags. Use stand bags or carry bags while traveling.
  • As golf balls are the heaviest components in the golf set, so before carrying all the balls, think thoroughly whether you need all the balls or not.
  • Use the golf travel bags that are not just lighter but easier to fit the golf set and accessories in it.


The ways to procure a suitable golf travel bag are mentioned above. Also, consider the tips given and it will enhance the productivity of golf travel bag. Thank you!