The rainy season is an opportune time to ensure that airconditioning systems are in top condition. Photo shows Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GC series which combines energy efficiency, quiet operation, sleek design and other features.

As part of its goal to contribute to continuous infrastructure development in the Philippines, International Elevator and Equipment, Inc. (IEE), a Group Company of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation – one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of electrical and electronic products, supports the R&R Risk and Resiliency: An Architect’s Responsibility seminar at Manila Polo Club, Makati City.

Over 200 architects are in attendance during the R&R which is the first in a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars for architects held by W.V. Coscolluela & Associates, in collaboration with the Philippine Institute of Architects.

Dr. Renato U. Solidum, Jr., Undersecretary for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), is among the speakers in the seminar which aims to emphasize the importance of risk preparedness in the planning and execution of projects to be able to maximize cost-efficiency with less rehabilitation of structures in the long term.

When it comes to homes and offices, IEE underscores the significance of regular clean-up of electronic and electrical fixtures such as the airconditioning (AC) system which is vital in keeping comfort especially in the hot summer months.

Now that the rainy season has come, many will find it no longer necessary to keep the AC system turned on for a long duration of time throughout the day. This is the ideal time to bring the unit to a service center or call for a home service technician for periodic maintenance.

Here are several reasons how AC clean-up and maintenance can specifically benefit owners.

Lower electric bills. An airconditioner is one of the household appliances that consume immense amounts of power. Good thing there are now energy-saving inverter models, which the consumers can opt to buy. But no matter how energy-efficient the AC, a poorly-maintained unit will fail to reach its maximum running potential after some time. When the filter gets clogged it can restrict airflow. External condenser coils on the other hand are susceptible to dirt and may not function efficiently if not cleaned. Duct leaks impair the machine’s ability to distribute air while a low refrigerant hinders it from effectively cooling the room. If these are not addressed on time, the AC will have to exert more power to attain suitable temperature. This additional effort consumes more electricity resulting to an upsurge in monthly bills.

Catch wear and tear at its early stage. Constant use of AC can wear down important parts. Avoid the hassles of exorbitant repairs or worse, replacing the entire unit by hiring experts to check the unit regularly. AC is an expensive investment and the price of periodic maintenance is nothing compared to the cost of total replacement due to its premature destruction.

Optimized air quality. A regularly-serviced AC will help contribute to excellent air quality. A malfunctioning unit may leave traces of moisture in the air. These can serve as a potential breeding ground for bacteria and molds, which are responsible for most respiratory diseases. If family members or office workers seem to be suffering from allergies, asthma attacks and flu-like symptoms all year round, a poorly-maintained AC system can be one of the culprits.

Eliminate potential hazards. A refrigerant leakage is highly dangerous to one’s health. It can cause nausea, headache, cough, vomiting, dizziness and in extreme cases, can be fatal. A routine and thorough inspection of the system’s safety features by an expert technician can prevent these.

Indeed mitigating risks in house planning is not limited to its design and maintenance. The selection of house materials, fixtures, furniture and appliances may also contribute to its overall integrity and resistance to environmental threats.

Premium quality appliances such as a good aircon brand will not only ensure comfort to its users but also grant them peace-of-mind knowing that they are safe from possible risks and health hazards.

Choosing the right aircon

Apart from regular maintenance, another guaranteed effective way to prolong the lifespan of an AC is to choose the right type and size of unit for home or office use.

Not all AC systems are the same. Fortunately, IEE offers various types of room air conditioners according to different needs and budget of consumers.

Its wide array of Mitsubishi Electric inverter AC models is perfect for home and office use. The latest MSZ-GC series combines energy efficiency, quiet operation, sleek design and other innovative features in one powerful machine.

Founded in 1969, the International Elevator and Equipment, Inc. has been the trusted local partner of Mitsubishi Electric, and a reliable provider of high-end engineering and industrial products and services. Aside from airconditioners, the company primarily handles the servicing of Mitsubishi Electric elevators, escalators, refrigeration units around the Philippines. More information on Mitsubishi Electric’s products and services is available at and