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ZMA Smart Capital Pte Ltd, an international supply chain finance solution provider, was officially launched in Singapore today. A joint venture between ZALL SMARTCOM (02098·HK) and Marubeni Corporation (8002·TYO), ZMA helps to bridge the funding gap and enhance the CIC platform through supply chain financing solutions to support the trading of commodities including agriculture products, chemicals, and metals. Senior Consultant of ZALL

SMARTCOM, Mr. Chua Taik Him; Director of Enterprise Singapore, Mr. Law Chung Ming; Senior

Managing Executive Officer of Marubeni Corporation, Mr. Kaoru Iwasa; and CEO of Commodities Intelligence Centre, Mr. Peter Yu attended and gave remarks during the launch event.

Marubeni Corporation, founded in 1858, is one of the leading general trading companies, known as Sogo Shosha, in Japan. It is a world-class enterprise involved in the handling of products and provision of services in a broad range of sectors with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies worldwide. In October 2018, ZALL SMARTCOM and Marubeni Corporation signed an MOU in Singapore for the collaboration in the online trade finance business. ZMA’s establishment symbolizes the important achievement of this broad-range collaboration between ZALL and Marubeni.

CIC is an incorporated joint venture between ZALL SMARTCOM (ZALL), Singapore Exchange Limited

(SGX) and GeTS Asia Pte Ltd (GeTS) and started commercial operations in Singapore on 12 October 2018. It offers an integrated suite of services including trade matching, customs declaration, and clearance, supply chain logistics, trade finance, supply chain finance, global trade compliance services as well as index and trade data services to realize the digitization of commodity trading. Specializing in non-ferrous and ferrous metal, chemicals and plastics, agriculture products and oil, CIC is expanding its range of commodities traded.

Vice President of ZALL SMARTCOM, CEO of CIC, Mr. Peter Yu, shares: “Through ZMA’s finance service,

CIC is enabled for better international supply chain financing service, rooting from the Singapore market expanding to the rest of the world. CIC is dedicated to promoting trade facilitation and globalization to intelligence and digitalize transactions, which will allow the company and individual users to truly realize the increase of market size, turnover rate, profitability as well as the decrease of heavy inventory, high cost, and long supply chain.”

As a global one-stop trading platform, CIC will be empowered by blockchain technology with applications in areas, such as global trade, logistics, and financial transactions. ZMA, a future of finance service, will rely on the blockchain technology of CIC to enhance the e-finance and risk management solution and increase the trading efficiency and effectiveness to contribute to the development of global trades.

Media and their photographer/camera crew are cordially invited to attend the media briefing in CIC next Friday, 24 May 2019, at 9.30AM. Mr. Peter Yu, Vice President of ZALL SMARTCOM, CEO of CIC, will be present and available for interview.