LOGISTIKUS Express - Trade and Travel Journal

LOGISTIKUS EXPRESS is the newest logistics provider launched in the market recently. The company was established initially to explore opportunities in the e-commerce market to ensure safe deliveries of items sold and bought online and reach its ultimate consignees. This made its delivery service an end-to-end support solution for online sellers and shoppers.

LOGISTIKUS EXPRESS now operates in major cities in the country, such as Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Pampanga, Naga, Cavite, Laguna and Cebu and Manila offering inter-regional and intra-city logistics support, backed-up by a fleet of company owned and partners-engaged trucks and over 300 motorcycles in fulfillment of commitments down to the last mile.

The company’s vision is to become the Filipinos’ best logistics support option, creating opportunities for mutual business growth – making LOGISTIKUS EXPRESS as the most trusted partner in the market said Ms. Joanne Ramos, Assistant Vice President for Commercial business of LOGISTIKUS Express.

LOGISTIKUS EXPRESS offers reliable and quick delivery service like shipping parcels, documents, gifts you bought online from its point of origin to its final destinations. For that special package handling requirements like next-day deliveries, and cash-on-delivery options, LOGISTIKUS EXPRESS is ready to help you.   It operates seven days a week including holidays.

LOGISTICUS EXPRESS can be reached thru: Metro Manila (02) 515-81-41; (0923)957-85-50 or (0945) 830-26-20; Davao (082) 237-35-00; (0947) 557-88-91; (0966) 462-20-94; Cagayan de Oro (088) 859-06-76; (0935) 502-95-99; Pampanga (0967) 386-06-74; Naga (0923) 107-69-65; Cavite (046) 541-93-26; Laguna (049) 302-21-96; and Cebu 0927-534-6966.