ML, DOTA, LoL – any of this sound familiar? Esports, or video games as competitive sport, has shot up its popularity in the last decade. Especially with the spread of streaming platforms on the Internet, what started off as a pastime has evolved into an entire esports subculture and has grown into a billion-dollar industry of its own! So, whether you’re a full-fledged Esports gaming professional or just an enthusiast – yes, there are different ways in which you can generate income and still play your favorite video games.

Be a Professional Esports Athlete
Are you a self-confessed gaming addict? If playing video games is something you excel at, there is a lot of money that is waiting for you by joining (plus winning) Esports tournaments as an Esports athlete. There are a number of major Esports tournaments organized both locally and internationally. Tournament prizes reach a sizeable amount and could match or even exceed the earnings of the average office worker.

Manage an Esports Team
Are you more of a behind-the-scenes personality type? Hopefully, you are meticulously organized and possess good communication and project management skills too. If so, managing an Esports team might be your cup of tea. An Esports manager leads the team in its competitive strategy and tactics, as well as does coordination of schedules and events for the players. They usually deal with contract renewals and other paperwork – basically, everything that happens outside of the game. They may earn money by getting a cut or management fee from the team’s prize money.

Be an Esports Gaming Media Influencer
Alongside a gaming career, if you are naturally charismatic and social media savvy, digital media influencer marketing could be your thing. Since the industry has grown, there are now many brands that actively seek to collaborate with digital media influencers that specialize in the Esports gaming category. These businesses range from tech companies to shampoo brands – the possibilities are endless.  To become a top media influencer, establishing your network is key by attending media events, building an engaged follower base, and most of all, being present at various digital media platforms.

Host and Stream Esports Games
If you feel like you are not quite the Esports pro player and more of the entrepreneurial type, you may opt to start your own stream and host tournaments. The demand for watching Esports games is almost as big as the demand for playing because aside from the players themselves participating in streams, their friends and other enthusiasts equally love supporting them! Much like in UAAP basketball/volleyball tournaments, the Esports community loves watching games alongside funny and entertaining casters and commentators too. Your business model can either generate revenue by charging participants to join your tournaments, or once you have grown a loyal following for your site, you can develop advertising opportunities for brands who are willing to pay for the exposure to your niche gaming market.

Opportunities for earning in Esports could either be on a local and international level. Earnings for freelance work in Esports or prize money for international tournaments are usually in USD and deposited straight to your PayPal account. To access this money from the Philippines, you have to transfer it first to a bank account or a digital prepaid wallet. If you don’t have those yet, it is easy to transfer funds from your PayPal account to an EON account. You can instantly open an EON account online through the EON app or website and use it to encash your PayPal funds, transfer it to your friends or family, pay bills, buy load or simply shop online with your EON Visa Card. Visit to learn more.

The Esports industry’s rise to mainstream is only beginning to take-off. Many organizations continuously strive to develop seek to legitimize Esports as a celebrated competitive sport by the Filipinos, alongside basketball, volleyball, or boxing. And the way things are playing out – with the sprouting of small to medium-sized internet cafes franchises, increasingly easy and free WIFI connections, and accessibility to personal mobile devices – bright times are surely ahead for the future of Esports.