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By MJ Gonzales│Trade & Travel Journal

Nowadays words such as burn out and under pressure are mere kind of expressions and somehow resignation is the immediate solution  of stressed employees. Why this happens  if  at the  start of the  employment  they understand the company’s policy,  they say they like your company’s culture or they are 100% sure  they like   the job you offer. Then why you they feel unmotivated now?

As a leader of a pact, you will surely be affected if any of your subordinates show half-baked performances.  Perhaps you are itching to fire them or planning to just outsource other people, but in reality getting the right men is long journey to deal with.  Thus, it is smart move to establish teamwork between you and your members by motivating them.

Open your line for them. Though there are surefire strategies to motivate people, remember that there’s such thing as case to case basis. Your organization is not the others as well as your people. Communicating is the basic and best move to know what exactly your employees feel and think these days.

Apart from one-on-one meeting, have a series of team building activities that make them open up about their inner feelings without hesitation.  Also in team building, you have excused to loosen up a bit and show your other side.   You can casually address also some issues or rumors or get ideas what good move to do next for your company.  Perhaps, it is good to have reward schemes like gift certificates or  travel package.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Give them leeway to grow.  Next to salary and work stress, “career growth” is another reason why an employee desires to fly away.  Doing the same thing over and over again is stagnation, what more if you don’t get credit or promotion out of it.

Offer trainings that boost knowledge and confidence among your subordinates.  It is a win-win solution as you let them learn what they want, and they give you better service that you need.

Let them experience work-life balance.  Who doesn’t like day off or have time with your family or friends?  Employees may workaholic or self-confessed career-oriented, but they also do need to relax once in a while especially after a big project.  One suggestion to make them feel you care about their work-life balance is to offer flexible schedule that works for you or them.

In the study entitled “Changing Work and Work-Family Conflict: Evidence from the Work, Family, and Health Network” of the American Sociological Review, they found out that it’s beneficial that employees have chances to resolve also domestic issues.  Furthermore, this 6-month long study that involved surveying 700 individuals from a big IT corporation also verified that they can work efficiently, if they have less personal worries.

“Work-family conflict can wreak havoc with employees’ family lives and also affect their health,” Population Dynamics Branch at the National Institutes of Health’ Rosalind King, Ph.D., shared. “The researchers have shown that by restructuring work practice to focus on results achieved and providing supervisors with an instructional program to improve their sensitivity to employees’ after-work demands; they can reduce that stress and improve employees’ family time.”