travel blog

A travel blog doesn’t automatically make you famous and rich, as opposed to what some people believe nowadays because of the rise of “travel bloggers”. What you see online isn’t what really happens behind the screen. But yes, there are ways to make money out of a travel blog or your online journal for travels, especially when you know how to do business well, and you know the value of your skills.


For some bloggers and influencers, yes, they sure get paid to visit European countries for days. They do all the touristy things around towns in exchange for promoting a brand. In reality, it is an exhausting job, though, they get to tick off the places on their travel bucket list. If you aspire to be like them, know that isn’t going to be a quick and easy journal. Maintaining a travel blog alone could be a complex and expensive venture to pursue, what more when you’re traveling and promoting brands all at the same time?


First off, you’ll need a strong following not only on your travel blog but also on your social media platforms where you share your posts. Your previous and upcoming posts must also be of good quality and with similar messaging so your readers would find you interesting and consistent. From these, small brands may notice your work and may possibly contact you for partnership for content marketing. Just as how bloggers do it today, they simply write their first-hand experiences (whether hard-sell or soft-sell) on their blogs with the packages or stuff sent in by the brand as they consistently mention it on their blog entry.


For some, they go for affiliate partnerships, where a blog post would link a website. When a reader clicks on the link inside the blogger’s post and makes a purchase, the brand would pay or give credits to the blogger for the referral he/she has made.


If you’re lucky or good enough, companies may sponsor trips or tours for you as a blogger to experience the food, place, service, facility, or event, together with other bloggers (or just you alone!). It’ll be basically like a work from home assignment with twice the fun. If you’ve got a strong following and you’ve established your name well, you may also charge for compensation, aside from the perks of experiencing the press trip or tour itself.


It may sound really awesome not to have a 9-5 day job and just go on random trips abroad or get your hands on the latest travel blog gadgets, but really, it’s just like any other job that you’d have to work hard for to be able to earn money. For some, they consider it as work from home gigs which could be less boring than working on a computer all day.


Having a travel blog is just like having an online journal of your experiences and memories, but things get better when you could also monetize it. If you’ve got the skills and the passion to pursue it, go for it. Build your value and get your content passed around by readers so you could reach your goal of having that travel blog earn on its own.