Boracay - Trade and Travel Journal

The island paradise of Boracay is primarily known for its white sand beaches, vibrant nightlife and for being a haven for watersport enthusiasts. Here are just some of the things you can do during your stay in Boracay:


  1. Jump off a cliff

At Magic Island, a popular cliff diving site just a few minutes away from the beach proper, there are diving boards that stand 15 to 30 feet (4.5 to 9 meters) high which you can use with a minimal entrance fee. The fee includes unlimited use of the diving boards but excludes the use of protective gear such as life vests. Guests are advised to bring their own or rent from shops at White Beach.


  1. Scuba diving

There are 14 dive sites in the area with varying difficulty levels and features. For beginners, you can there is Angol Point which has reefs with seagrass, or Coral Garden where you will find shoals with plenty of colourful fish. Balinghai and Bat Cave are for more experienced divers since these sites possess moderate to strong currents. For advanced divers, some of the suggested dive sites include Camia Wrack, Virgin Drop, Yapak, Laurel Islands and Channel Drift. Customized scuba diving tours can be arranged for visitors through your hotel or your local tour provider.


  1. Paddleboarding and kayaking

Located 30 minutes away from Boracay’s Station 1, Ariel’s Point offers an array of water activities for beach lovers like kayaking and paddleboarding. It is a protected and unspoiled area along Buruanga, a perfect starting point for kayaking and exploring nearby deserted beaches. You can choose from either a single kayak or a tandem kayak. The fees include the use of life jackets for the guests’ safety.


  1. Island Hopping

If you wish to see other parts of Boracay, you can join an island hopping tour. Most of these tours visit Puka Shell Beach, or Boracay’s Hidden Gem, for its unspoiled and uncommercialized shores. Another must-see is Crocodile Island, Ilig-Iligan Beach and Lapus-Lapus Beach.


  1. Go on a hike 

Hiking enthusiasts can visit the island’s highest point, Mount Luho. On the way up, you can visit a wildlife park where you will find a Philippine eagle, different species of birds, snakes, monkeys and wild cats. You can then continue to the viewing deck which boasts of a 360-degree view of the whole island. If you do not like walking long distances, you can rent an all-terrain vehicle or a buggy car which you can take to Mount Luho.


  1. Mermaid swimming

The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Boracay offers mermaid swimming lessons that aim to familiarize participants with the mermaid tail. Classes last for 90 minutes and also includes a directed mini-photoshoot. From mid-October to June, the mermaid workshop is held at White Beach. From July to early October, it is conducted in a private pool due to the southwest monsoon that causes strong winds at the beachfront.


  1. Mangrove Nursery 

While it is not located along Boracay’s main thoroughfare, Mangrove Nursery is still worth a visit for its refreshing views and admirable efforts to conserve the trees along the coastal swamp. Enjoy walking on the wooden planks that serve as a boardwalk and then quench your thirst with a serving of coconut juice. Sit on top kayaks are also available for rental. You can use them to further explore the narrow waterways.


  1. Pub crawl

Your Boracay vacation would not be complete without experiencing the nightlife on the beach. You can do this by joining the Boracay Pub Crawl, a bar hopping tour branded as a “moving party on the beach.” More than 50 people from all over the world join the fun each night where they enjoy discounts on drink, free entrance to bars and of course, new friendships. Interested participants are advised to book in advance through Boracay PubCrawl’s website.


  1. Feast on seafood

Since you are already in Boracay, this will be your chance to enjoy freshly caught seafood. Traditional Filipino wet markets still operate on the island, the most popular of which is D’ Talipapa. Here, you can buy the freshest of fish, shrimps, crabs and other kinds of seafood, as well as meat products, vegetables and other basic cooking ingredients. After buying, you can bring these raw items to a restaurant known locally as a Paluto and there they will gladly cook the meal you want for a minimal fee.


  1. Try the local delicacies

In addition to seafood, there are some other delicacies you should not miss when in Boracay. First, there’s the chorizo burger which is sold along the food stalls at White Beach, along with other grilled food such as dried squid and chicken liver. For drinks, head to Jonah’s Fruit Shakes, a famous refreshment store with various branches scattered throughout the island. They serve sweet smoothies made from fresh fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and strawberries.