Vaping and Nicotine Addiction

We cannot deny the fact that vaping has evolved from cigarette smoking. The two have a lot in common despite being two different things. Vaping is relatively new and its goal is to provide a better alternative to smoking.

One of the biggest concerns about both habits is the addiction caused by nicotine. As soon as users engage in using nicotine, turning back will be an uphill task that needs a lot of determination.

Juul is a popular device used in vaping. It comes complete with Juul pods that contain e-juice. The device resembles a USB stick and most of them are changed using a USB port.

Juuls and Teens

Another significant concern with vaping is the rate at which teenagers are adopting the habit. Their biggest influences are celebrities and their peers in college. By 2018, the majority of the teens preferred to vape Juuls because they look fancy, easy to use, and they have a high level of nicotine, which gives a certain satisfaction to the users.

According to research by various institutions, most Juuls contain more nicotine as compared to other types of e-juice. This increases the chances of getting hooked on the habit. The experts from the ePuffer website confirm that most Juul users are loyal and repeat clients. This is a clear indication that the addiction is real.

Effects of Nicotine in Juuls

Unfortunately, many youths are not very informed about the effects of nicotine in e-cigarettes. Although they are aware of its presence, they think that it is harmless and consuming it is not a big deal. As mentioned, Juuls deliver more nicotine to the users than most other e-cigarette types. Here are the effects of nicotine in Juuls on human health:

  •         Higher addiction level – With more nicotine to consume, Juul devices are now confirmed as the most addictive e-cigarettes on the market today. The main reason why manufacturers have increased their concentration is to meet the higher demand by the youths. Anyone who starts this habit today is likely to get addicted at a faster rate than those who vape other devices.
  •         Nicotine gives users a kick – Since it is a stimulant, the users get a kick as soon as they consume it. This feeling of “highness”makes the users active and a level of excitement is triggered. When this is the effect goes on for a long time, the users will get addicted and they have to get the kick as often as possible.
  •         Nicotine contains toxins – Research has confirmed that nicotine is responsible for producing numerous toxins that are harmful to the body. Thus, doing it for a long time exposes your body to various illnesses including cancer, breathing problems, allergies, and asthmatic reactions.


Juuls are responsible for delivering a high level of nicotine to youths. Consequently, the level of addiction becomes high. It is no wonder that the e-cigarette industry is now worth millions of US Dollars. More teens are anticipated to get into the habit in the future, which is worrying to the experts.