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World Blockhain Forum (WBF) World Blockchain Forum· Singapore & World Blockchain Award· Asia will be held on 22nd – 23rd June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands. With successful experience of the past five series of event, 5000 delegates are expected to participate at this Asia’s leading event.

Since established in New York in 2017, WBF has hosted series of conferences in multiple destinations including London in March 2018, Singapore in June 2018, Korea Jeju in September and New York in November 2018. WBF Shenzhen was hosted on 11th January 2019 where the Global Blockchain Media Alliance was assembled, representing the official launch of WBF’s series of events in 2019 and the coming years. WBF has a mature strategic global deployment and targets to regularly deliver well-experienced events.

Here we sincerely invite both blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts from any industries to come and join us at WBF – The premium resource aggregation platform and service provider of global media publishing, roadshow and fundraising; where we promise to deliver the best of the blockchain community where you could learn, connect, share information and most importantly enjoy by participating.


ZBCC Media

World Blockchain ForumZBCC Media is the first blockchain media resource in Hong king that covers in-depth global news on the blockchain. The vision of the company is to report the most trending topics neutrally. ZB provides enormous true and useful information of the industry using the simplest description to transmit the most professional content benefiting the general public. ZB believes the world is experiencing reconstruction progress by exploring blockchain’s potential. ZB will grow with those who are curious, ambitious and vigorous.

Token Titan

World Blockchain ForumToken Titan specializes in blockchain investment banking services. Service provided could be briefly categorized into three: Financial Advisory, Overseas Project Launching, and Incubation. Token Titan is proud to hold massive local and global resources, which aid projects to fundraise, launch and maintain overseas. With the investment efficiency and investment banking skills, TT has comprehended, projects rating is enhanced while reducing investors’ risks. Token Titan is well-connected in SEA and holds crypto exchanges, media groups, communities, etc. in order to support a project’s growth and sustainability.

The Futurists

The Futurists is a superior distributed community that gathers global academic elites, key opinion leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, experts and advisors, ,which has registered under the Federal Government of Canada. The Futurists is constructing an innovative World Blockchain Forumdistributed intelligent community under the digital economy.

It also provides career planning, resume polishing, head hunter advisory, personal branding enhancement, conventional participation to exclusive events, business training and relative services. In 2018, The Futurists has escalated from Toronto towards 30 other countries or districts, covering 350K audience globally, holding 4 awards and maintaining the relationship with over 40 partners. The community supports events involved in government, overseas returnees, Blockchain, Ai, Quantum computing and universities.


World Blockchain ForumGLAB is the most influential blockchain competition where dark horses or unicorns are exposed and recognized. GLAB provides a series of investment and incubation services from its prestige in Hangzhou where it was based, and connecting the global top experts.


CoinBucks ( is a company which provides global resource integrating and consulting service for blockchain projects and users, performing cost-efficient global promotion, incubation, investments, matching, social media & decentralized exchange. The online platform supports 8 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, World Blockchain ForumSpanish and etc., allies with 8 incubators in 6 countries, 200+media groups, 100+investors, 600+projects, and 50+crypto exchange. There are 11 local offices, 13 overseas stations, 46 colleague deployments. Utilizing smart contract, business socializing, decentralized calculation combined with a range of tested strategies, Coinbucks aims to provide multilanguage translation, incubation, decentralized trade matching, community operation, PR, online marketing & global resources aggregation on a blockchain social media network with traceable data, accumulated creditability and assessable risks, unearthing the next Alibaba within the blockchain industry.



Jinse Finance

World Blockchain ForumJinse Finance is a one-stop service media platform which integrates blockchain news, financial information, quotations, knowledges, communities, etc. We pursue up-to date, comprehensive, professional, accurate information and data. Jinse Finance dedicates to providing the best products and services for the blockchain entrepreneurs and investors of the digital currency industry.

Asia Blockchain Society

The Institute was founded by top academic experts around the world, including Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Hong Kong University, etc. Experts and professors World Blockchain Forumserve as academic advisors. The founding of the Institute has also received the support of many Chinese and overseas legal experts and tax experts and has also received the sponsorship of a number of blockchain companies and financial institutions. The Institute aims to promote the theory and commercial applications of blockchains in Asia and provide customized independent solutions for blockchain companies and financial institutions.

Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association

World Blockchain ForumHong King International Blockchain and Financial Association (HKIBFA) is a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong since 2018. It visions to establish Hong Kong sharp position among Asia and the world in blockchain and FinTech industry and market, through advocating market regulation and policy, future workforce by education and awareness of the disruptive blockchain technology in the market. Currently, it’s serving more than 800 crypto-investor, banker, government leader and scholar members from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other Belt and Road and the Asia Pacific Countries.

Hong Kong Blockchain Association

World Blockchain ForumHong Kong Blockchain Association (HKBA) was established in 2018. By means of the development of innovative technologies such as blockchain, HKBA aims to build a platform for people to learn, exchange and promote blockchain technology and its application. HKBA is also committed to connecting Greater China and the world and turning Hong Kong into a financial technology centre in a new era.

Miu News

World Blockchain ForumMiu News positions itself to be a global blockchain information aggregator, providing industry trending topics, news, market dynamics, data, search engine, community etc. Miu News aims to deliver the best of their products by executing 4 dimensions of tenets: Time-sensitivity, Comprehensive inclusion, proficiency, and accuracy.

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World Blockchain Award (WBA) is the concurrent event of World Blockchain Forum, aiming to recognize and honour contributors within the blockchain industry. The WBA will bring you enormous media exposure whether your company is competing or winning. Compete, gain exposure, win the glory and take over the market! Gather your team now, and show the world what you are capable of.

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