You already think that your business cannot afford any more hires. You also believe that you can do without an accountant. In fact, most startups invest in automation of bookkeeping before they can even understand the bookkeeping process, which can be fatal to your business. What most of them don’t know is that it takes a professional to know which software or service is right for you. In this article, we will look at why it is imperative that small business hires an experienced accountant.

To get regular and reliable accounting perspective of your business

It is somewhat obvious that you don’t know all of the intricacies of financial planning and budgeting. Maybe you have taken a short course on the same. At first, you can maneuver with limited skill level, but as things progress, you will be super busy, and the tons of paperwork will continue to pile. If you have an accountant, they will ensure that that never happens. In fact, the will go a step further to give you financial updates, reports, inventories, etc. As you probably know already, information drives 21st-century business.

Some things are not straightforward for a budding entrepreneur such as the accounts receivable process. This technical accounting jargon and many other things only confuse you. They can take your eyes off the ball, which is not good for a young business.

To make payments on time

Paying or claiming refunds at the right time can make a world of difference. For example, paying suppliers on time improves your relationship, while absconding or late payments can ruin important contacts. Small businesses cannot afford to lose networks. If they do, they risk losing many potential benefits such as loyalty programs.

To file all incorporation documents

You may have heard of LLCs, Plc., Corps and many others. What you don’t know is that each has its advantages, but it also means that each has its business implications. When you have an experienced person to run your accounts, you don’t have to worry about them. Accountants understand many businesses in each category and can help you with the process. It is a professional decision; you don’t just wake up and transform your startup into an S-Corp or LLC.

To file all your taxes

It is the most obvious thing for an accountant in a firm. Taxes come in all shapes and sizes. They even come disguised in a variety of forms. To do it professionally, you need an expert. Otherwise, you will be going back and forth without success. It is not just filing them; it is the accuracy and the timing of the filing that matters most.

Reducing the risk of costly business errors

Most startups are a brainchild of fresh entrepreneurs. They are not polished in the matters of business decision-making and are not prone to making mistakes. They always make costly business finance-related errors that can run down the businesses. You can avoid all that when you have an accountant. The good thing when you are relying on someone’s opinion is that he or she always runs down the clock for you giving you options and time to reconsider.

Improve your credibility and authenticity

When you are represented by your accountant in a bank, investment clinic, venture capitalist meeting, or any other place where your business finance matters, you get a better standing. This is someone who can crunch the numbers for you while you focus on selling your vision and strategy. Banks and credit facilities trust expert opinion, and they are likely to take your request seriously when they get your finances from an expert.


An accountant is very important. It might seem unnecessary at first, but you will never go wrong when you have experience and expertise for your finance.