Indian Restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area
Indian Restaurants in San Francisco | Top 6 Indian Restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area to Dine at! | What is the significance of Indian restaurants in San Francisco, you may ask? There’s plenty of significance actually. The delicious Indian food San Francisco offers keeps not just the Indians abroad happy but tingles the taste buds of foreigners as well. With the recent outburst in topnotch Indian cuisine, this spectacular city has not as much to offer, in terms of food, as India itself! Regardless of what you’re looking for – spicy chutneys and curries to classic dishes and street food – you are sure to find it in any of the Indian restaurants in San Francisco. 

So the next time you are in this city, make sure to try dining at one of these amazing Indian restaurants and see if it reminds you of home! Check out some of the top Indian restaurants in San Francisco Bay area listed below!

Top places to eat Indian food in San Francisco:

Visiting San Francisco, one of the top US cities, is always a treat. We’ve brought together a list of some of the top Indian restaurants you can eat at when visiting San Francisco. These are good places to stop by to grab a bite even if you’re making an unplanned trip on last minute flights. Choose from the list of restaurants depending on the type of food you’d like to have.

  1. August 1 Five

Featuring right at the top of the list, this is arguably the best Indian restaurant San Francisco is home to. Operated by an ex-techie, the very name of the restaurant marks the date Indian received its independence. What you can expect here is an eclectic mix of spice-infused dishes and lip-smacking cocktails. All through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will be served with small side plates of dahi puri accompanied with tamarind chutney and mousse. Also, many claim that the best biryani in San Francisco is served here.

  1. Dosa, Fillmore

Well, if you love South Indian food, then this is one of the top Indian restaurants in San Francisco you just have to try! Sure, you can try any new Indian restaurant San Francisco has to offer but this spectacular decade-old outlet is second to none! When you visit Dosa San Francisco, you can relax in a comfortable setting while being served delicious Dosas, curries and what not! The menu features scores of different dosas you can try. Also, a couple a la carte specials might well feature a Hyderabadi Biryani or Bengali fish curry.

  1. ROOH 

An invaluable to offering by India’s very own Good Times Group, this is perhaps the most upscale Indian restaurant San Francisco is home to. If you visit for dinner, you will be offered the chef’s own tasting menus. However, lunch is special as well with curries, pulao, butter chicken, and tandoori dishes on offer. To top it off, the cocktails here are inspired by Ayurveda so you can expect to be hit with spices, herbs, and exotic spirits. This is one of the most unique and best Indian restaurants in San Francisco to visit when arriving on business class flights.

  1. Indian Paradox

Strictly speaking food-wise, what is the great Indian paradox? It’s that Indian food is incredibly difficult to pair with delicious wine. This is what the restaurant gets its name from and this paradox is what it aims to disprove. Visit this smashing bar to enjoy a tall glass of red or white wine paired with mouthwatering Indian food. Expect to gorge on Indian street food such as bhel puri, kebabs, sev puri, and the likes. The food is light in the stomach and easily goes with the wine. This is the best Indian restaurant in bay area for Indian food-cum-wine lovers.

  1. Pakwan Restaurant

Upscale restaurants such as Lotus SF and Curry Leaf SF are great but if you’re looking for a quick and cheap bite, Pakwan is your best bet. Also, it’s BYOB! Portions are generous and you can be sure to have plenty leftover. So take a friend or two along to share when you visit this self-service outlet. Order mouthwatering dishes at the counter such as lamb biryani, naan, saag paneer, and butter chicken among other things. Gorge on lip-smacking Indian food while downing a glass or two of your favorite drink. For the light ambiance and great food, this is one of the top Indian restaurants in San Francisco.

  1. Vik’s Chaat Corner

If you love Indian street food, Vik’s is among the top Indian restaurants in San Francisco you just have to visit! This family-run establishment has been around right since 1989 and is a hot favorite with students, couples, families, and everyone else! So if you’re looking for street food, this is the best Indian restaurant San Francisco offers you. Visit and gorge on mouthwatering dahi pakoras, dal, uttapam, rotis, and a whole lot more! This is the best Indian restaurant in bay area for street food.

Listed above are just a handful of the many Indian restaurants in San Francisco. When you book cheap tickets to USA for a San Francisco trip, make sure to try at least a couple of these awesome places. Regardless of whether you’re homesick or just love Indian food, any of these places will take you right to the very heart of India with their lip-smacking food! Gorge on delicious food and enjoy the best Indian fine dining San Francisco has to offer!