RDF Feed Livestock and Foods Inc. Launches Its Website

TradeTravelJournal.com | RDF Feed, Livestock and Foods, Inc. Launches Its Website | RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc., also known in the industry as RDF and Red Dragon Farm, is excited to reveal its website. After more than 30 years in operation, RDF has reached a milestone as it enters the digital economy.

It is a fact that any firm, regardless of size, may benefit greatly from having a strong internet presence since most buyers will first check out a website before making an actual purchase. This is because more than 50% of users discover a new business or product after a search. RDF recognized this and embarked on building its website to have a strong online presence.

Starting on March 1, 2022, visitors to RDF’s website (www.reddragonfarmph.com) will learn about the company’s businesses, product offers, history, core values and more.

RDF seeks to be at the forefront of digitalization for its industry, as well as continue to connect to a wider base of consumers and business partners through the website.

Website Features

RDF’s farm-to-table business model is depicted in the website’s main header graphic. With this campaign, the company hopes to further establish itself as a leader in Central Luzon when it comes to vertical integration.

The website features an array of categories that allows online visitors to navigate easily either through a PC, laptop, or mobile device – thanks to its mobile-responsive design.

The About tab features the company’s journey and business model. This allows visitors a quick look into RDF.

The FAQs category includes things you want to know about the company and its operations. Pretty straightforward but does its job of giving you quick answers to your queries.

The Blog category includes company news and updates, events and corporate videos, which drops down nicely when hovering the Blog tab.

Other website features are the Careers category (for job opportunities) and the Contact Us page that allows visitors a simple way of sending queries through a contact form.

Website visitors may also leave their emails on a Subscribe tab found at the bottom part of every page.

Should you wish to go back to the Home Page, simply click the “Home” tab and you’re back.

Keeping an Eye on Exceptional Quality

RDF’s Founder and CEO Dr. Robert Lo always assures its customers with high quality meats that are fresh, clean and safe. He reveals that high quality is made possible by the exceptional genetics of the animals that are raised from swine and poultry farms in Central Luzon – all owned and managed by the company as well as a feed mill and testing laboratory.

RDF has maintained its tough and precise processing standards through the years. In fact, the company controls every aspect of  operation, unlike others who have contract growers where quality can be compromised.

It is within RDF’s goals to share the company’s gold standard to the world through its website.

Website Launch

All of RDF’s stakeholders can now access essential information about the company at any time and from any location as the company opens its doors to the outside world.

The website was designed and is hosted by professionals, making it easy to use and navigate.

In addition, the website seeks to increase the company’s credibility and professional imaging, especially as customers search the web for more information on the company that processes the products they buy. The new website seeks to increase the level of trust and confidence of customers and partners on the RDF brand.


RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. or simply, RDF, is a company-owned and company-operated agri-food enterprise in the Philippines. RDF manages its own modern poultry and swine farms that are in the flourishing cities of Pampanga and Tarlac in Central Luzon; and industrial facilities such as a feed mill, slaughterhouse, a triple-A (AAA) meat-cutting plant and a meat processing plant; and Fresh Options Meatshop, which offers high-quality fresh meats and value-added meat products.

At RDF, quality is a way of life. The company believes that continuous innovation and creativity in all of its processes will lead to business growth and development. Through this, it can fulfill its mission of providing high-quality fresh meats and value-added food products that adhere to global standard for food safety.