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Following the signing of their strategic partnership agreement in November last year, Secure64 is proud to announce that, with ePLDT’s utmost collaboration and contribution, the implementation of the most secure and scalable set of solutions based upon DNS is now active.

Now, ePLDT can not only protect its networks from malicious activities but also ensure the highest level of protection to its customers and users by securing an online transaction as well as any type of endpoints/terminals. Hence, Filipino users of both mobile and fixed internet can now surf and transact online without worries. They benefit from the first ever unique chain of trust based upon of Secure64 most reliable and scalable DNSSEC, DMARC, and device protection solutions against malware and viruses.

This makes ePLDT the first and only DNSSEC-compliant infrastructure and service provider in the country.

Secure64, a US company with headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the leading provider of genuinely secure DNS servers that are purpose-built to be highly secure, self-protecting, and immune to malware.

ePLDT is the industry-leading enabler of digital business solutions in the Philippines.

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