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New Year’s Resolutions hold significant part in hopeful people to become better than before. Despite that most resolutions are hard to fulfill, it’s still a positive step to analyze and enlist things you want to improve about yourself.  At the end of the day, it’s going to be hard to reach your destination if you don’t do your own map and your capability. Here are the four resolutions fit for solopreneurs, freelancers and executives.

Honor your Time or follow Pareto Principle – You can replace money, but not time. In fact, you can even double or triple the money you can make if you have more chances to do it. Thus, managing your time is vital  to improvement your financial status 2016 and even the trust of people around you.  Apart from being a punctual and not complacent person, better also to work on your focus.  One the suggested principles for time management is Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule, wherein your focus is  only on (around 20%) important things for your work and delegate the other stuff that you’re not good at to others (80%). Those who spread oneself too thin don’t only produce below average results, but also ended up so stressed.

Avoid Money Mistakes – If you know what to try, then you should also know what to avoid so there’s balance in your money management.  Furthermore, there are money-making ideas for business and finance that if you take without precaution, they will lead you to failures.   In the book “Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes” of Gary Belsky and Thomas Gilovich,   behaviors such as ‘confirmation bias,’  ‘loss aversion,’ and ‘endowment effect’ affect people success in their finances.

rsz_new_year_resoluton_by_stocksnapioThe Law of Attraction: Positive Results begin with Positive Thinking –It’s right to act on ideals, but are they’re good and positive ones? If you think you become boring and experience negative incidents this year, then begin to change your 2016 by changing first your outlook. The Law of Attraction is making your goals for real through being positive that you can do them.

Achieve Work-Life balance – Burn out, stress and frustration are few reasons why some think of quitting in what they do.  If it happens that you also feel exhausted about the job you actually love, perhaps you only have issues on your lifestyle. Before you include resignation in the list of your New Year’s Resolution, check first if you’re weary rooted from your desire to work-life balance.   One tip to regain your time for family bonding or leisure is set yourself to finish your task on specified schedule to avoid overtime.

Do you think your business or work defines you?