BSSC-Trade Travel Journal

TradeTravelJournal|Biz Info Solutions and Services Corporation (BSSC), an IT transformation service hub has partnered with Pouch Nation, a leading event management solutions provider in Southeast Asia, to provide better experiences for event goes in the region.

PouhcNation is pleased to announce its partnership with BSSC, with a special focus on utilizing Pouch Nation’s NFC-based platform for event management, ticket management, and event traffic analysis solutions for both existing and new clients. Pouch Nation’s international experience through its presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and now the Philippines promises to bring world-class and highly innovative solutions into the country.

An advanced boutique technology outfit, BSSC has expertise in consulting and implementation of technology projects in verticals such as infrastructure, application development, network management and support. Japan’s NEC Networks and System Integration Corporation (NESIC) is a key stakeholder in BSSC.

Under the agreement, BSSC is authorized to secure new and existing clients and offer PouchNation’s NFC solution and events management. BSSC and PouhcNation will co-develop customized Ticket Management Solutions to fit the needs of the clients. The partnership will help benefit their potential clients and end users given BSSC’s experience on infrastructure, networking and platform deployments and PouchNation’s track record in event management. BSSC will be PouchNation’s systems integration partner and will resell PouchNation’s solutions.

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