money online

TradeTravelJournal.comYou may have read or heard that making money online is very difficult and a thing of the past but there is some legit way of earning a little extra pocket money or scaling up to be your own online entrepreneur.

Most of us would love to work from the comfort of our own homes, have a break when we feel like it, sit around in our comfy pants and that type of thing. However, the truth is when you are relying on making money online there will be demands and deadlines to be met so you need to shape up and be determined.

Avoid anything that costs you money and if you get an offer that seems to be good to be true don’t take it, inevitably it will be a scam.

Review writing

There are sites out there such as up works and freelancer that advertise for writer every day of the week, the writing is normally reviews and is simple stuff providing you have a decent command of the English language.

You will always be working to a deadline so be sure you can deliver on the given time or there good be hell to pay, if you may get a negative and no-one will touch you with a barge pole.

If you are a particularly talented writer there is always a demand for e-book ghostwriters, you will get a flat fee that you will have negotiated prior to commencing the job.

Buying and selling

This is a fun way to earn money online and can be very lucrative. Choose your product wisely and choose something that is low cost for you to purchase and you can flip easily. Sneakers are very popular and have many designs, they are cheap to purchase and can be sold at a profit.

Remember you have a big audience so exclude shipping charges from the sales price; you may end up sending a product to another country!

Get busy on social media, make posts and post images; don’t just use Facebook use as many as you can from Twitter to Instagram. Engage with as many potential customers as possible and always respond to inquiries quickly.

Create your own blog

This is a great way to generate extra income but it can take a little time to get income coming in. Blogs are fun and if you chose the right subjects and build a following you will have advertisers banging your virtual door down to place paid ads on your blog.

Blogging is fun, try to choose your own unique niche and you could be reaping the rewards in a few months.

Online teaching

Don’t worry you won’t have had to attend university and gain teaching degree, online teaching jobs are mainly for basic level English for Chinese students, the lesson plans are completed for you and are easy to follow.

You will need a stable internet connection and a good command of the English language, a pleasing personality helps when engaging with school children.

 Foreign exchange trading (Forex)

 This is not for the faint of heart and should only be attempted by someone who understands currency markets.

The principles of Forex are straight forward; you buy an amount of currency when the currency has a low value and trade it when it has a high value. The drawback is you will need to buy sufficient currency to offset the trading agency’s fees.

For the experienced trader a lot of money can be made but for the amateur its fraught with dangers and the potential to lose money.