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With the success of Digital Innovation Summit last year, Norde International Distributors brings another empowering gathering suit for movers and innovators to achieve their business goals.  Named ‘Brand Summit 2015:  Meeting of Minds, the three day event held  at Norde Innovation Center, Kalayaan Ave., Diliman Quezon City  aims to help key players in ‘Building Brands with Digital Print Innovations.

For consumers’ point of views, it takes a mind-blowing print before they stare. On the other side, companies always try their best to produce head turning advertisements.  See, the challenge for advertisers and marketers? They have to exert great efforts to come up even with just remarkable copy that will nail their brand on general public’s picky taste.  Norde’s second summit has great features that are too good to miss out.

Like a worth field trip, participants will get to know state-of-the-art printing machines that are really wow in looks and wow in producing  eye-catching outputs.  There is a Kornit Digital’s Avalanche DC Pro, which makes every textile material transform into an art masterpiece; and HP’s various printers such as Indigo 5600 Digital Press, Indigo Press w34500, Latex 300 Printer series, and others. Aside from this, there’s demo and application tour or site visit.

Meantime, the outputs of digital printing are also displayed.  This part is in the summit is not only soothing to the eyes, but also actually a profound way to reintroduce the distinct power of artistic prints in businesses.   First in the line are the colorful materials appealing too all such as menu books, calendars, children’s books, crafting materials, and photos.  There are also sample of items where owners can put their labels and brands like bottles, mini boxes, sachets, and wrappers.

Entrepreneurs dreaming of their own unique establishments will also be delighted with spaces converted into grand samples of a coffee shop and clothing store.   Seeing the sum total look of wall, header, flooring, stylized tables, counters, display prints, packaging boxes, packaging labels, backlit prints, and placemats in the coffee house; even online gamers would agree that it is really possible to make their virtual cafés exist apart from the Cyberworld.


Being chic is a new step to establish a lucrative clothing business. That’s the kind of impression inspired by the digital direct-to-garment printing done in Custom Clothing Co. From shirts to jeans to shoes to bags, and even header, wallcovering, flooring, tables, window graphic, and backlit are oozing with fashionable appeal. On the other hand, the interior design of groovy homey space titled ‘1970 New York’ offers suggestions for interior designers and home buddies.

Another highlight of the Brand Summit 2015 is the list of informative talks prepared by industry experts, personalities from advertising agencies, and print service providers.   In the first day, James Yew (Regional Brand BD Manager for Labels and Packaging, HP) discussed about printed packaging and cutting-edge brand campaigns, Wouter Sieben (Productivity Services Manager APJ Graphic Solutions Services HP) reported the path of sign and displays that every marketers should follow, while Trisha Uy (Creative Director of Media Magnet) gave information and tips about communicating with consumers from online to offline.

HP's Productivity Services Manager APJ Graphic Solutions Services Wouter Sieben
HP’s Productivity Services Manager APJ Graphic Solutions Services Wouter Sieben

The second day of Norde’s summit was about the photo industry and general commercial printing, while the last day was concentrated on 3D Printing.  What all these activities, Brand Summit 2015 is indeed an eye-opener for many that digital printing can pump businesses’ appeal to consumers.  HeartShaper Asia, Inc. and Market Boost are also part of this event.

Media Magnet Creative Director Trisha Uy
Media Magnet Creative Director Trisha Uy