SkinStation Unveils First Luxe Branch
An exceptional panel of experts: Dr. Vincent Wong, Marco Lee, Jimmy Kim, Dr. James Kim, and Dr. Sophie Lamprecht come together at SkinStation's Luxe High Street South BGC clinic opening to share their expertise and discuss innovative skincare solutions.

TradeTravelJournal.comSkinStation Unveils First Luxe Branch and 100th Clinic, Introducing International Experts and Cutting-Edge Technologies | SkinStation, one of the leading skin clinics in the Philippines, celebrates the opening of its 100th branch and first-ever Luxe branch in High Street South BGC. This important milestone underscores the company’s impressive growth and brings together an outstanding team of international experts and state-of-the-art technologies, enhancing the skincare experience for its clients.

The grand opening featured a distinguished panel of experts, including Dr. Vincent Wong, Dr. James Kim, Jimmy Kim, and Dr. Sophie Lamprecht . Each of these professionals boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields, reinforcing SkinStation’s position as a premier skincare provider.

Dr. Vincent Wong, is a renowned expert in the field of aesthetics, ranking among the top five practitioners globally. As an international trainer and speaker, he has garnered numerous accolades and recognition for his groundbreaking work in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Wong’s expertise in non-surgical treatments and advanced techniques will undoubtedly contribute to SkinStation’s commitment to providing the best skincare solutions.

Dr. James Kim, a respected plastic surgeon, and his son Jimmy Kim, a Biomedical Engineer, represent a powerful father-son tandem in the world of skincare and cosmetic innovation. Dr. James Kim is a pioneer in plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments, while his son Jimmy brings cutting-edge biomedical engineering knowledge to the table. Their collaboration has already resulted in several groundbreaking treatments and products, further enhancing SkinStation’s offerings.

Dr. Sophie Lamprecht, an acclaimed dermatologist, specializes in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures and advanced skincare treatments. Her extensive experience and commitment to providing personalized skincare solutions align perfectly with SkinStation’s dedication to delivering top-quality services to its clients.

SkinStation Unveils First Luxe Branch
From left to right: Jimmy Kim, Dr. James Kim, Dr. Sophie Lamprecht, and Dr. Vincent Wong – a team of esteemed skincare experts, bringing their world-class expertise to SkinStation’s first Luxe branch and 100th clinic in BGC High Street

With the unveiling of its first Luxe branch and 100th clinic, SkinStation also introduces pioneering technologies such as TESSLIFT. Unlike conventional thread lifting treatments, TESSLIFT is a revolutionary approach that promises natural-looking results with minimal downtime. Utilizing a patented mesh scaffold structure, TESSLIFT provides elevation and suspension of tissue, allowing the tissue to grow into the scaffold for results lasting more than two years. Unlike conventional threads, TESSLIFT offers adhesion and tissue regeneration effects, positioning itself as the superior minimally invasive face lifting option. This state-of-the-art treatment exemplifies the innovative solutions that SkinStation’s panel of experts brings to the table.

Zishel Group, an international aesthetics company, has developed TESSLIFT, a groundbreaking, non-surgical facelift treatment that effectively lifts and tightens sagging skin. TESSLIFT uses advanced suspension threads to provide a natural, youthful lift without surgery. SkinStation, in its ongoing pursuit of offering superior skincare treatments, has partnered with Zishel Group to bring TESSLIFT to its clients. This partnership demonstrates SkinStation’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the skincare industry and providing clients with innovative solutions that cater to their aesthetic needs. By offering TESSLIFT at their branches, SkinStation ensures that clients can enjoy the benefits of this state-of-the-art technology, further elevating the skincare experience to new heights.

SkinStation’s milestone opening in High Street South BGC, showcases the company’s continuous growth and commitment to offering unparalleled skincare services. The addition of esteemed international experts and state-of-the-art technologies further solidifies SkinStation’s position as a premier skin clinic in the Philippines, ensuring its clients receive only the best in skincare treatments and solutions.


SkinStation is one of the leading skin care clinics in the Philippines, offering a comprehensive range of aesthetic and dermatological treatments to enhance and rejuvenate the skin. With over 100 locations nationwide and a team of highly skilled professionals, SkinStation provides personalized services that cater to the unique needs of each client. Utilizing the latest technology and innovative treatments, SkinStation is dedicated to delivering exceptional results while prioritizing client safety and satisfaction. By forging strong partnerships with renowned international experts, SkinStation continues to elevate its offerings and strengthen its position as a trusted brand in the skin care industry. To learn more about SkinStation and its services, visit or follow us on @skinstationph.