Grammarly | Grammarly Makes Good Writing Personal With Salesforce MarketingGrammarly is an online service that allows users to edit and proofread their content. It also has other features that include checking for plagiarism, and since its inception slightly a decade ago, many users have turned to Grammarly to edit and proofread their work.

Over half a million essays or write-ups have passed through the platform, and this breaks down to at least 50 million write-ups going through the site on an annual basis.

Role of Email Marketing and Weekly Digests

To win over new users, Grammarly has implemented a variety of strategies including using email marketing that essentially involves a weekly roundup to its customers on the premium package as well as those on the free version. Still, on the email front, Grammarly gives its users a weekly writing update on how they fared over the week, and the service’s focus is more on improving the writing quality of its users continually rather than on a project by project basis.

Tracking of progress allows users to establish their rates of improvement as far as their skills go, and the areas that they need to work on if they want to improve. A point of focus on the weekly roundup emails is the social icons that appear with regards to the performance of the user of the week. High performance over the week will result in a dynamic way, and these icons won’t appear in case the user had a bad writing week.

Focus on Personalization

With the Salesforce Marketing component, Grammarly has witnessed improved personalization in their overall offerings of services. The weekly digest has particularly been positive on the personalization front. The service sends weekly roundup or digest to millions of its users in their millions, and the rate at which these emails are read is also impressive.

While the premium version of Grammarly offers a wide range of functions and features, Grammarly is also working on its free version to ensure that it is well-equipped for basic use. This continuing use of Grammarly is partially attributable to the weekly digest or roundup, as more and more users continue to refine their writing skills and use the service to enhance their writing.

Personalization and Value Addition

It is highly crucial to recognize that not all individuals who write have the capacity to afford a skilled individual to edit their work. With this in mind, Grammarly works to improve personalization of its service, and at the same time, improve the value that users get from the site. The fact that Grammarly is accessible in app form on Firefox and Chrome makes it easier for users to get the necessary value from installing Grammarly extensions in their browsers, and further personalizing and using those extensions to get the most value.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous innovation and improvement on the usability of the site are essential since it will go a long way to enhance personalization and attract more users. The current model that focuses on personalization and the value that users get from using Grammarly has helped the site achieve tremendous growth. Further improvement and innovation on these fronts will allow Grammarly to continue to scale to new heights.

To sum this up, Grammarly’s approach with regards to personalization and value addition has helped it achieve milestones since its inception, and if there are innovations, the trend is only poised to get better.