Healthy Coffee Pack

Trade and Travel Journal | Healthy Coffee Pack For Your Everyday Travel | When you hear the word travel, what usually comes to mind? The word travel usually means something different to each individual. To put it simply, travel could mean the journey of going from one place to another. However, this could be for different things such as work or just for recreation.  There are a hundred million reasons why we travel. For most, you might have thought about going on a vacation to unwind and explore new places and experiences while for others, it means going from one place to another to finish some errands or going to work on a daily routine.

The morning rush is tricky. There are many articles that brag about the advantages of daylight sunshine, early morning meditation, and a long and relaxed breakfast. Though these benefits are real, commuters and any individual who is certainly not a  charged up wellness influencer truly realize that these fantasy mornings are not realistic. For those who travel daily, specifically for office workers, urban dwellers, and students. It is important to have something handy in their bags that will always keep them awake and alert like healthy travel coffee.

Since the pandemic started our daily routine has changed drastically and must include additional health measures to make assure ourselves that we are following the standard protocols to keep ourselves from the viral infection. Here are some recommendations in maintaining balanced health and lifestyle as we battle our daily challenges in achieving our goals or maintaining the balance in our careers.

  1. Make preparation a habit

We all know that it is hard to discipline ourselves to consistently prepare for our next working day, but it takes decision making and general brainpower on a daily morning routine possible. Prepare the things you are going to bring for your next day’s errands along with your power breakfast and lunch ready to go in your refrigerator. It is recommended to go for something simple but packed with health benefits that can help your body survive throughout the

  1. Take a sip of coffee

A 5 am alarm is no one’s favorite without the help of a reliable coffee product that can give us numerous benefits in maintaining our body’s healthy state. In choosing a healthy travel coffee, always look for the best yet affordable product that won’t hurt your budget like Glorious Blend Coffee which has natural ingredients that is good for the body like malunggay, gotu kola, calcium, and mangosteen. It is also sugar-free, no carbohydrates, zero glycemic index, and no calories which makes the product an ideal healthy travel coffee.

Healthy Coffee Pack

With our fast-phased and hectic schedules, it can easily damage our body that may lead to different complications or acquiring ailments. Before heading out for school or going to work, take a sip of this healthy travel coffee or you may carry it with you while you enjoy the morning breeze as you drink your morning cup of joe. It doesn’t only keep you awake but the caffeine in the healthy travel coffee also prevents the growth and spread of cancer cells in our body, and not only that, but it also lowers the inflammation of risk factors for many types of cancers and helps in the improvement of antioxidant responses.

  1. A hit of fresh air

One of the benefits of taking public transportation is you get to enjoy the daybreak sunshine and early morning breeze.  You will also get to smell the freshly baked pastries as you pass-by the bakeshops and the aroma of newly cooked breakfast plates and freshly brewed healthy travel coffee from different establishments and residences. You may opt to take a 15-minute walk to the train station while enjoying the morning air which is beneficial for your body especially if your job requires you to sit at your desk all day to finish all your deadlines.

  1. Practice the multi-tasking skills

Since the demands are pretty high for every industry workers and students, having a multi-tasking skill would be an advantage to meet the tight deadlines. A consistent daily workout routine is pretty much impossible especially if there is an existence of high demands of competition. To make give yourself some time to do some exercise. You may slightly stretch your arms or legs while inside the train as you wait for your arrival at your destination while enjoying every sip of your healthy travel coffee.

  1. Stretch and make your body sweat

If you happen to have enough time to work out, try to do a cardio or core session and followed by some stretches. This type of workout is specifically good if you haven’t much sleep since these exercises release endorphins that will help you start that feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything that is delegated to you for a day of work.

All of these recommendations for a well-balanced commuter lifestyle will lead to a long list of benefits for you and your body. So it is important to have the discipline in order to achieve a healthy and well-balanced living.

  • Satisfaction: People who keep a balance between career and personal life experiences a feeling of satisfaction and happiness in their life.
  • Well-being: A fair work-life will help in lessening wellbeing related complications and the danger of different serious ailments at the heart, hypertension, stress, or lifestyle-related sicknesses.
  • Improved level of productivity: Better work-life balance will improve the worker’s efficiency and performance at their jobs.
  • Strengthening Relationship: Work-life balance encourages joint effort in the professional and individual relationship. Clashes are better handled or tended to when there is harmony between both.

Work-life balance for commuters is very crucial as the travel time itself most of the time causes stress and imbalance to any individual. By having a well-planned routine and healthy diet, daily errands would be much easier especially if your morning commutes are accompanied by a healthy travel coffee like Glorious Blend Coffee.

Where can I buy Glorious Blend Coffee in the Philippines?

Glorious Blend CoffeeGlorious Blend Coffee can be purchased online at the official GIDC website and can be found at your local Mercury Drug Store, Generika, South Star Drug, and other leading drugstores. It can also be bought at Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, Ever Gotesco, Landmark, and other supermarkets nationwide. It is also available on popular online marketplaces.

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