Hotel Room - Trade and Travel Journal

When traveling, your hotel room will serve as your home away from home. To make your stay comfortable and enjoy, here are things that your hotel room should have:

  1. A lot of power outlets

People travel with a lot of gadgets these days, from computers and tablets to phones, cameras, and music players, among others, and they all need to be charged. There are hotels that only have one or two outlets for guest use. Every hotel room should have bedside outlets so that more people can stay in touch with work and family while they are away on a vacation or on a business trip.

  1. A shower that is easy to use

Hotel showers can sometimes be a challenge. There are hotel showers that have temperature controls, pressure controls, controls to determine which showerhead is operating and so many other features. While it is nice to have these many options, they should be made easy to operate so that hotel guests can achieve their objective to take a bath.

  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste

There are many hotel guests who forget to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste when they travel and it would be a nice surprise for them to find a mini travel kit in the hotel room.

  1. Free water bottles

There are hotels that offer guests two free water bottles per day so that guests do not have to worry about getting thirsty if and when they arrive at the hotel at ungodly hours.

  1. Blackout drapes

Blackout drapes in a hotel room are a must for a peaceful night of sleep, especially if you are the type of person who finds it difficult to sleep in a new environment. Blackout drapes can also help you rest during the day time if you suffer from jet lag or are just too tired to go out.

  1. No decorative pillows

While decorative pillows are a nice way to add color to a hotel room, these pillows cannot be washed. You can just imagine how many people have touched and used them and may have even been thrown around the room. It will be better for hotels to just use washable decorative covers on their regular size pillows and leave the little pillows to private homes.

  1. A decent luggage rack

A full-sized luggage rack, preferably built into the closet would be a great place to stack suitcases and other bags. Most of the time, guests just place their suitcases on the floor, making it difficult to locate things that you need.

  1. Abundant hangers

There are travelers who like to unpack their clothes and hang them in the hotel room closet. More often than not, these hotel rooms either provide only four hangers or hangers that do not come off the bar.

  1. Extra towels, blankets, and pillows 

Everyone has different needs. Some people like separate face towels and body towels. Some people are always cold. Others are forever warm. Keeping these extras on hand ensures comfort, no matter what the likes or dislikes may be.

  1. Wastebasket

Don’t leave your guests wondering where to put those baggage stickers, airline ticket stubs or potato chip wrappers after their travels. Avoid clutter build up in your room with this must have.

  1. Clock

Many guests would appreciate a working clock in their hotel room so that they will not need to look at their cellphone just to check the time.

  1. Door Hooks

These are the easiest way to make space for jackets, purses, and caps. Hooks are especially helpful if your pace is modest and you don’t have room for chairs.

  1. Iron

Guests will appreciate an iron and an ironing board in their room so that they can iron their wrinkled clothes before attending a meeting or an occasion.

  1. Hair dryer

A hair dryer is essential for a lot of people, but not one that everyone packs as they can take up a lot of room in a carry-on bag or suitcase. Have one accessible in either an easy to find a drawer or in the bathroom.