“Now the three little pigs each had a house made of bricks, so they wouldn’t have to worry ‘bout the wolf and his tricks.”

Amid the hustle and bustle of the metro, we often look for places that let us block out the noise, sit back, and relax. It’s even more difficult to find a place that offers all that plus classic cocktails at reasonable prices. That’s what makes Three Little Pigs such a gem.

Three Little Pigs

Though this speakeasy feels classy and sophisticated, it manages to still feel intimate and cozy just like home.

Established in September 2018, Three Little Pigs is a speakeasy located above Sisig Society in Kapitolyo. It comes from the same minds that created ABV in Makati, and though there are similarities between them, Three Little Pigs has a homey feel. It is the neighborhood watering hole, and the accommodating staff makes you feel welcome as soon as you sit on the bar stool. Unlike other bars in the metro, this is the kind of place where you can bring your close friends and have a casual conversation. The ambiance is perfect for chilling and drinking the night away.

Three Little PigsYou will never forget where you are with all this artwork to remind you

Three Little Pigs differentiates itself by focusing on classic cocktails. There are no signature cocktails on the drink menu. Instead, they worked on getting the classics right, and it shows. One of their advocacies is to educate patrons on how to make cocktails the right way, and they demonstrate their know-how with every drink they serve. The setting is great, but the cocktails are just as good if not better.



Old Fashioned

-sweet, orange and lemon drink that has a hard impact on your spirit. This drink is for people who have a high tolerance in alcohol.


Three Little PigsWhiskey Sour

-the right balance of sweet and sour, it consists of bourbon and sugar syrup with a sweet aroma from Angostura, topped with an egg white foam. Perfect for ladies night.


Three Little PigsGin Basil Smash

lemon flavor with the soothing aroma of basil. Light and refreshing.



They also serve food which compliments their drinks nicely. The onion rings are flavorful and seasoned well, having a nice balance of sweet and spicy. They also have dynamites with explosions of heat in every bite.

Three Little Pigs
                                                             The Taste of Old Fashioned Menu
Three Little Pigs
                                                                   Onion Rings (Spicy Flavour)
three Little Pigs

Grab your friends and make your way to Three Little Pigs above Sisig Society on 12 East Capitol Drive in Pasig. Walk towards the back of the restaurant and push the white wall on the right-hand side to reveal the stairs that lead to the bar.

Just don’t bring the big bad wolf.

Three Little Pigs
The man on the left is Migs “The Head Bartender”; the first girl in the left is Bea “Marketing Manager of Pylon”; the girl in the middle is Janella “Marketing Associate of Pylon”; and girl on the right is Sam “Manager of Three Little Pigs”.

Business Hours:
Weekdays – 7pm to 1am
Saturday – 7pm to 2am
Sunday – 6pm to 12am

Three Little Pigs is located Three Little Pigs is a venture of Pylon Partners Inc., a holding and management company with projects in food, e-commerce, IT, and others.