Street food is a ready-to-eat food or drink sold in the street or other public place, such as a market or fair, by a hawker or vendor, often from a portable food booth, food cart or food truck.

But there are concerns about contamination or risk factors that can harm the consumer’s health because of the street food consumption and food-borne diseases.  And that gave Chef Archi Juanta an idea of creating a different twist to our Filipino street foods.

Lime 88 now Chef Arch’s Lime has been a household name back in 2007. Offers a unique-taste and a very creative serving and platting to our “tuhog-tuhog”.

The idea of the “pina-sosyal na tuhog-tuhog” came from Chef Arch’s advocacy to make Filipinos proud of our own street foods because it is ours just like in other tourist destination countries. Also, he wanted that through his creation, will help uplift Filipinos to be proud of our own.

According to his brother Vince and friend Eugene who are both co-owners, they have never imagined that Lime will last 8 years and still counting. Reason why every time Chef Archi comes home for Christmas, he will make it a point to check the food, and have meeting with their head-chef Norbert to discuss additional dish as well as revamping some on the menu to make it more appealing to consumers.

Why Lime?

Because to extract the juice of a lime, one must twist the fruit and this is exactly what we have done to street food.

Who are your target market?

Eugene: Eco class?

Vince: Actually anyone.

Eugene: Probably that’s the reason why Lime has been tagged as an “open city”. You see people on ties, on jerseys…

Vince: And sometimes on boxers.

So, how will you convince, someone who does not eat street food?

Eugene: I’ll play with their white mind set, “kung mga foreigner nga kumakain dito, ikaw Pinoy ayaw mo?”

Vince: We serve clean and safe street food. We are a destination restaurant. “Kapag masarap ang pagkain, yun ang hinahanap.” How we plate, serve and present our food is the core reason why you should try it.

Eugene: Lastly, if you want gastronomic experience, then Chef Arch’s Lime is the place.

Do you have any plans of expanding?

Eugene: Lime is hard to replicate. But depends on Chef Arch. Lime is a combination of the place and the food.

How did you market Lime?

Eugene: Actually, Lime is a good discussion because it’s street food.

What will be your advice to those who want to be in the food industry?

Eugene: I think one has to pinpoint the need of the people.

Vince: “Dapat ang sine-serve mong pagkain, hindi lang masarap kundi maganda rin tignan.

If you’re craving for street food, and looking for a spacious and relaxing restaurant then you should visit Chef Arch’s Lime restaurant.

Vince Juanta, Chef Norbert and Eugene Claraval
Vince Juanta, Chef Norbert and Eugene Claraval