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Nowadays, the career movements has demonstrated lateral development. This situation has made stable career opportunities very hard to find. Only 30% of employees in the Philippines are satisfied with their job descriptions due to the lack of motivation in their organization. The result, personal growth of the employees are disregarded and they are not given any room for improvement. Therefore, HR Executives tend to bribe their employees with incentives in order to shift their attention towards the compensation. However, establishing mutual partnership with the employees and being able to assign them in a job with respect to their interests, while at the same time, taking into consideration the qualifications of the organization is what makes a worthy HR Head.

There are four strategies to create career partnership. First is to design careers that helps build credentials instead of positions. Employees are bound to leave the company one way or another. In exchange of making use of their potentials for the benefit of the company, it is better to train them and give them the opportunity to grow while they are still capable. Positions should be based on the qualifications of the employees. So, if they will be promoted to higher positions, their skills and abilities must first fit with the needs of the company. Talent Measurement Philippines is best to use in designing careers for employees.

Second, use push, not pull marketing strategies to build awareness of internal opportunities. Companies who uses pull strategies are usually blind when it comes to the internal opportunities existing within their organization. They focus too much on the major positions leading to the oversight of simple yet useful opportunities their company can provide. On the other hand, organizations who uses push strategies are most likely to gain the trust and loyalty of their employees because they know the future jobs available in their company.

Third, inspire employees not with promotions but with employability. Promotions do not guarantee the length of stay of an employee in a company. Employees will certainly stay in a company for a very long time if they enjoy what they do and see that their efforts are appreciated. Rather than offering promotions, it is better to encourage them to increase their marketability by being a part of your organization. This approach strengthens the employer-employee relationship and boosts the employees’ career satisfactions by 22%.

And lastly, motivate managers to share their talent, not just setting expectations. Effective managers can share their knowledge and talents to their team members. When the sharing of talents in a team fit with the managers’ interests, the number of managers willing to share talent increases by 16%. Being able to identify which specific skills are present in the organization allows the managers to notice the aspect in their team within which they are lacking.