delete Match account | How do I deactivate or delete Match account? | In today’s deskbound life no one spares a minute to find a date. And at that time applications like match account are so healing. Because you can continue dating without managing your work life. Well, it is a free online dating platform that serves a large number of users at a time. Match account was invented in the year 1993 and the inventors of Match account are Gary Kremen and Peng T. Ong. If you are also looking for a date then no other app can beat the Match account. But there comes a time when some users want to delete match account. To begin with the match account you should first know the pros and cons of it. Need not to wander, you can read the below-given details to know the whole of match account. 

Purpose and Features of match account

Match account is a digital dating stage that helps users find a perfect partner. It is free of cost and available in 25 countries in 8 different languages. Well, this makes the service feasible to users and helped generate a wide range of markets. In 1993 match account introduced in the form of a website that runs on all the browsers. But later on, it has launched Match application in various versions to run on all the devices like android, iOS, Computer. Match website launch made the service handy and popular in the year 2000. Match account aims to offer alluring and effective features that help you get your match easily. It serves to satisfy a user and it is concerned about the user’s safety. To access match account you need to create one by sharing personal information. Well, match account keeps your info safe and only uses it to compare with the other user’s info to recommend a suitable match. It allows you to use the shared info to recover match account when needed later. Also if you want to delete match account, for your unique identification or at the time of password recovery. 

Some of the best match account features are “Personal Messenger” that allows you to text each other. “Password recovery” for data safety, “Account Recovery” through shared information and also it recommends you the best suggestion. After knowing the positive side of Match account now let’s cover why you want to delete match account?

Major reasons to delete match account

Even though Match account is amazing and serves the best of it in terms of features, facilities, and trust. Then what could be the reason to delete Match account. No matter how great a service is but there are always reasons that put users in doubt to use that service or not. Below given are some valid reasons to delete match account.

  • You’ve got your date
  • You are in a serious relationship
  • You want to stop dating
  • You do not find match account useful
  • Match account is not effective
  • You are busy running other dating application

Above mentioned are some serious circumstances to delete Match account. Besides these, there are many other reasons to deactivate or delete match account. In case you wonder how to delete match account then do not take tension. You can fix this problem simply by following the given easy steps. 

Steps to delete or deactivate match account-

  • Switch your device on
  • Open Match application by pressing on its icon
  • Enter valid account details to log in
  • Now, enter “My Account” section
  • Before completing the deleting process, recheck whether you have any subscription
  • In case you have any match account subscription then cancel it accordingly
  • After canceling your subscription switch to “Suspend Your Account” option and press it to continue
  • In the end tap on “To cancel your account, click here” 
  • Now click on “Yes” to complete the process

Well, this is a straightforward method to fix the delete match account issue. And we hope these troubleshooting steps are a great help to you fixing match account issues easily. In case you are not able to solve the issue following these easy steps. It is ok it happens, and follow the below-cited steps.


You can try or retry solve the issue with the help of the above-given method. But if still, the problem persists then you can reach out to the Match support team. Match application runs its own customer support team to help users fix match account issues or delete zoosk account. If you are amongst those users who are unable to resolve issues performing the given steps. Then call, text or email the support team to get your issue fixed instantly. Because the team associates are highly qualified and understand the persisting problem deeply at once. Well, this enhances the user’s experience and attracts a user towards the service. The team is accessible throughout the day so that to guide you with the best solution to the problem. And to help complete your task on time by resolving the going on issue.