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TradeTravelJournal|8 Best Foodie Cities In The U.S|The word ‘foodie’ is for anyone who is gastronomically obsessed. If you are looking for culinary excellence and gourmet dining, then America is your destination. However, a foodie lifestyle might not always be pocket-friendly, considering restaurant prices rose 3.1% between December 2018 and December 2019. In 2015, for the first time, sales at restaurants exceeded grocery sales, and it continues in 2019 as Americans spend more on restaurant establishments than grocery. Alternatively, cooking at home can be a costly affair depending on the local cost of living and food habits. So if you are passionate about food and looking for new culinary experiences at affordable options, a new study by WalletHub has ranked the top U.S. cities for foodies. These cities stand out for their chef-driven restaurants, gourmet farmers market, street food, food trucks, bistros, bars, and cafes. Portland, Oregan
Source Portland will never disappoint the food enthusiasts as it tops the list of best cities. There is a food cart for every type of craving. You can find delicious and diverse cuisine all over the town. Its famous Voodoo doughnut is the staple of Portland’s unique identity. Apart from its brilliant street food, it has hipster restaurants serving Tecate beer, artisan coffee shops, farmers market, microbreweries and wineries that give the city an extra edge. Defining dishes: Portland-Asian cuisine, classic seafood, more than 100 craft breweries, food delight from more than 600 food carts. Coffee lovers can sip and enjoy a locally roasted coffee at any barista. New York, New York state
Source New York City has the most excellent restaurants and some of the biggest names. It has around 8000 restaurants for those keen to explore and satisfy their taste buds. This cosmopolitan city has high-end restaurants to local eateries, coffee shops, and gourmet specialty-food stores. It also has vibrant food markets -Chelsea Market and Gotham West Market and farmers market as well. Apart from being home to fantastic restaurants, it has stand-out bars and breweries. Defining dishes: Mouth-watering pizzas, bagels and lox, sandwiches, hot dogs, pastrami on rye, potato knishes, cheesecakes, burgers, Waldorf salad and global cuisines with a twist by the chefs. Miami, Florida
Source It is ranked as the third-largest city in the U.S. for food enthusiasts based on the diversity, accessibility, and quality of food. Miami, for decades, is known for its Cuban food in the U.S. In recent years, the food scene is evolving with many global-fusion restaurants. It has many coffee houses, food trucks, and gourmet-specialty food stores. Defining Dish:  Jamaican cuisine, fresh seafood, fresh ceviche. San Francisco, California: 
Source This city offers diversity in its culinary offerings with cuisines around the world. Many gastronomists consider it as America’s food and wine capital. The farmers market is equally exciting as the restaurant scene where you get fresh, organic, and local produce. The neighborhood is made famous for its international offerings, primarily Mexican and Asian cuisine. Defining dishes: Omelet with bacon and oysters, crabs and chicken with a twist Los Angeles, California
Source Diversity defines LA cuisine. It is known as the birthplace of many renowned celebrity chefs.Here one can discover among many options like vegan sanctuaries, raw food bars, and the Hollywood Farmers market. Food trucks serve everything from hot dogs, sushi to burritos. It is undoubtedly home to many top-notch breweries and is a treat to beer lovers. Defining dishes: Tacos, enchiladas, sushi burritos, steaks, gourmet quinoa bowls, and green juices. Try the city’s juice bar, smoothies, and margaritas. Chicago, Illinois
Source The windy city is associated with three things: Deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and steak. It has elite dining restaurants, fusion menus, and award-winning chefs. One can travel to the culinary capital of the Midwest and discover award-winning restaurants that give an excellent experience to cherish the views of the Chicago River. It is home to an array of brunch spots and top breweries for a cold crisp beer. Defining dishes: Beef, steaks, Chicago hot dogs (beef franks on a poppy seed bun with yellow mustard, chopped onions, tomatoes pickled peppers, and celery salt), roast beef sandwiches. Charleston, South Carolina
Source A city with ‘low-country’ cuisine-  classic recipes with a mix of English, French, Meditterrain, Carribean and West Africa influences. The connoisseurs describe it as a food haven for its authentic Southern staple and fresh seafood. With a delicious food menu, it has trendy drinking establishments to check out. Defining dishes: South egg roll, crab and oyster roll, traditional shrimp, cornbread, Frogmore stews, pimento cheese, and Benne Wafers are a must-try. Seattle, Washington
Source  This emerald city is a food mecca for foodies with numerous restaurants, independent food vendors, and food markets. Seattle restaurants dole out mouth-watering local food infused with flavors from worldwide. Due to its geography and climate, it allows farmers to grow their produce and protein for the city’s MasterChef. It’s Pacific Northwest location (surrounded by water) gives easy access to fresh seafood like salmon, shellfish or meats like moose, mushroom, elk or more. For all caffeine lovers, coffee houses offer expertly crafted coffees and relish pastries in the bakeries. Seattle has the best local breweries and has a vibrant beer culture. Pike Place Market is a must-visit for some grocery or food shopping. Defining dishes: Pizza, Italian meals, stew or gumbo, fresh seafood, Asian cuisine from sushi to salads. Wrapping up If you are passionate about food and looking for the best culinary experiences, look no further as we have listed for you the top cities in the U.S. Be sure to plan your travel around food to explore and experience the delicious cuisines.