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MJ Gonzales │ Trade & Travel

Particularly done upfront and at the office, it’s impossible you remain calm and unaffected after listening to work criticisms. The thing as long as you’re interacting with people whether through work or business, encountering critics is always possible.  So if you can avoid it, how can you face criticism gracefully and positively?

Point the factors and know who the real critic is. Shrugging off the opinions of others is recommended if they have nothing to do with you. That’s not the case if you’re criticizers happens to be your immediate boss or co-workers and what’s stake is your precious job.  According to Time, there are factors to consider when it comes to criticism such as the personality of who said it and their intention or ulterior motive.  Apparently, there are people who simply negative in their words and actions especially if they’re jealous.  On the other hand, you should mind people giving constructive criticism whether it’s subtle or frank.  Straightforward insights help you to point your undiscovered weaknesses than shallow praises that let you dig more of your loopholes.

shame-799099_960_720Be open-minded – If you’re looking for a moment when your mind should lead your heart, this is it. Yes it’s hurtful to hear unwanted opinions, but don’t let your emotions overwhelm the way you analyze situations. Control your emotion as much as you can or at least until you understand the other’s point of view. Impulsiveness will not only manifest your high ego, but also let you feel regretful and get more criticisms that you actually deserved.

In addition to those things, open-mindedness also allow you to convert criticisms into challenges, to improve the way you interact with that person, and to see the angles you don’t notice in the first place.

Respect and response – Remember that silence is a powerful response you can give temporarily or permanently. In a way, your quietness shows you’re listening and respecting your critics.  However, you should also do other actions other than keeping your mouth shut.  If you agree with your critics’ suggestions, say it to them and act. If not, diplomatically explain your side to clarify things they don’t know. The intention is not to fight back, but to stating the fact about you or where are you coming from. It’s like giving an honest opinion to an honest opinion.

The way you handle criticism is somehow helps you to hone your professionalism and individuality no matter what. If you process it positively from the moment you hear it, then criticism is not bad for you after all.